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Apr 21, 2020 | CBlog, YOMI | 0 comments

Covid-19 has had severe economic consequences on families of “bread-winner-moms” in Nigeria. This is because most of these “bread-winner-moms” feed their children with daily proceeds from their SMEs. The total lockdown means that they now have zero income and so can’t feed their children. 

YIMI Business Webinar

This webinar is part of our efforts to ensure that the market continues to work for these rural women by supporting them with the kinds of trainings, logistics, linkages and securities necessary to stay in business in spite of the lockdown.

With limited access to the internet, we are deploying local telecommunication systems to train these women on innovative ways to stay in business while on lockdown while introducing new business opportunities to them.

This business Webinar offers every woman the opportunity to be empowered with great business ideas and maximize this lockdown season to grow profitable businesses to sustain their families.

 How to participate: You can participate as a YIMI member or a non-YIMI member.

If you want to participate as a YIMI Member, please click on the link to become a member: https://csaaeinc.org/young-imo-mompreneurs-initiative-yimi. The webinar is free for YIMI members

If you are not a YIMI member and do not wish to be a member or you are not eligible to be a YIMI member, please use the form below to register for the webinar. You pay N1,000.00 to participate as a non-YIMI member. You are required to make payment before filling the form below.

Non-YIMI members should click here to pay

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