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Human Rights

Promotes respect for human rights and empowers young people to fight abuse of human rights

CSAAE Human Rights Initiatives

Human Rights Toll-Free Line

CSAAE’s Human Rights toll-free line provides an opportunity for the public to report all forms of human rights abuse freely and confidentially. Our team of human rights advocates are available to listen to the victim of human rights abuse and work with the victim to fight the abuse. To report an abuse, please call: 0800-900-1000

Human Rights Policy Advocacy

Human Rights Policy Advocacy is a priority at CSAAE because good human rights policies and laws make respect of human rights possible. Our advocacy team push for policy changes, laws and orders – at state, national and international levels – that support respect for human rights and discourage abuse of human rights.

Human Rights Anchors

Human Rights anchors are young people committed to learning about human rights, promoting human rights and fighting abuse of human rights in the communities. The anchors track abuse of human rights by the government and raise alerts. They also track abuse of human rights by corporations and individuals. Anchors are trained to train their communities on how to identify human rights, resist abuse of human rights, report and fight human rights abuse. Anchors also work with CSAAE to implement community based human rights projects.

Human Rights Award

This award goes to a civil society organization or a human rights activist that makes significant contribution to human rights in the community, state, region or nation.

Human Rights Lawyers

CSAAE’s team of human rights lawyers fight abuse of human rights. Reported cases of human rights abuse are taken up by the lawyers on pro bono basis. The team comprises of over 15 lawyers who stand ready to take on any form of human rights abuse in the Southeast. Plans are underway to expand the program to other parts of Nigeria.

Know Your Right

This is a media program that educates the public on human rights, identifies, and exposes abuse of human rights. Know Your Right is brought to the public in exciting ways through print, online, video and audio platforms.

Human Rights for Aspiring Leaders

CSAAE trains up to 50 aspiring leaders yearly in human rights through its Effective Leaders Program (ELP). Focus is in understanding human rights as enshrined in the UNHR and the Nigerian constitution; what constitutes abuse of human rights; how to resist abuse of human rights; how to fight against abuse of human rights, and how to promote respect for human rights. Trainees go through a six-month immersion year training before moving into a lifetime “Network of Effective Leaders” (NEAL) where they collaborate with fellow future leaders to promote human rights and fight abuse of human rights. They vow not to engage in any form of abuse of human rights as leaders.

Human Rights Education for Youths

CSAAE organizes human rights education workshop for Nigerian youths. The aim is to thoroughly educate select youth in the spirit and letter of the UN Human Rights as well as Human Rights in the Nigerian Constitution. These youths are then empowered by CSAAE to go into the communities and train other youths. Insights gathered from the training are put into a book that serves as a resource for youth human rights training and empowerment.

University and Secondary School Human Rights Contests

One of the focal areas of CSAAE’s ethics award is human rights. Through debates, essay competitions and scenario-based quiz, contestants identify and proffer solutions to abuses. These contests are learning opportunities for thousands of young people that participate in the contests. The contests inspire viewers to resist abuse of human rights and the youths that win the awards are motivated to not only resist abuse of human rights but also to fight against abuse of human rights. Apart from cash rewards, contest papers are also published in C-Journal, a journal of social impact.

Human Rights Journal

Issues on rule of law are among the focal areas of CSAAE Journal (C-Journal). CSAAE editors publish research articles that explore the relationship between rule of law and development.

Imo Human Rights Anchors

CSAAE is pleased to welcome applications for Imo Human Rights Anchors who will lead initiatives to foster positive change, raise awareness and work towards ensuring the protection and promotion of human rights in Imo State, Nigeria.