CSAAE has established an advocacy toll-free line (0800 900 1000) where members of the public can call to report issues related to the protection of human rights, the delivery of good governance, anti-corruption and the rule of law. When a call is placed to our toll-free line, a dedicated staff member answers the call and provides solutions to complaints. These solutions may involve referring cases to other MDAs and organizations that can address the reported issues. At times, cases are directed to CSAAE pro-bono lawyers (C-Advocate Lawyers) who handle them diligently. Call our toll-free line (0800 900 1000) today. Your voice matters, call now and be part of the change.


Published by CSAAE

C-Advocate Newspaper promotes good governance, rule of law, anticorruption, and human rights. The newspaper pursues this goal by featuring educative articles on human rights, good governance, rule of law and anticorruption while also exposing reported abuse cases to the public and the authorities for action. The newspaper has four columns that citizens can contribute to:

Know Your Right

The Know your Right section of the newspaper enlightens citizens about their constitutional rights as well as the United Nations Human Rights Charter. It also exposes cases of human rights abuse within the limits of these two legal instruments. It is our hope that through investigative reporting, perpetrators of such acts can be fished out and punished while the rest of the citizens learn from it.

Follow The Law

This section of the newspaper enlightens citizens about the laws of the land how they impact their daily lives. It also exposes cases of abuse of law and calls on the government to take action against violators. It is our hope that through investigative reporting, violators of the law can be fished out and punished while the rest of the citizens learn from it.

Good Governance Watch

This section enlightens citizens about executive orders, memos, and policies. It tracks budget items, monitors implementation and reports to the masses. It also reminds citizens of the need to participate in budgets and provides clear directives on how the citizens can participate.

Eye on Corruption

The Eye on Corruption section raises public awareness about corruption and what constitutes corruption according to the Nigerian anti-corruption law. It exposes corrupt practices and calls on the government to take action against corrupt persons.


The public can contribute articles for publication in the C-Advocate Newspaper. To submit articles for publication, kindly call or send a WhatsApp message to this number: +2348165047214. You can also email your article to advocacy@csaaeinc.org. To read articles published in the C-Advocate Newspaper, click on this link: C-Advocate Newspaper

C-Advocate Online Reporting Form

CSAAE Advocacy Program fights for good governance, the rule of law, anti-corruption and human rights.
Please use this form to report cases of human rights abuse, concerns about good governance, corrupt practices and issues related to the rule of law in the Southeast (Imo, Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi, and Abia States). Ensure you gather firsthand information and fill out this reporting form using the provided link. This form is highly confidential. Cases and concerns reported through this form are typically received by the CSAAE Advocacy Team, which reviews them, offers solutions, or refers cases to MDAs, organizations and CSAAE Pro-bono Lawyers (C-advocate Lawyers) who respond to the reported issues. It is important to note that CSAAE will not release or discuss any information provided here with a third party without your consent.
If you prefer to report a case by phone, please exit this form and call our toll-free line: 0800-900-1000. Your voice will make a difference in joining CSAAE to effect change in our society. Click on this link to access the form