Partners are organizations that support our work. Over the years, several organizations have supported our work. Here are some of our recent partners.

Youth Digital Skilling and Employment Project

The Sorosoke project was funded by Voice. The  project is dedicated to ending police brutality in South Eastern part of Nigeria. This project is implemented by CSAAE, in consortium with YES-P and CHEVS

OSIWA funded the Local Government Good Governance Monitor Project; a project that aims to build the capacity of youths to advance efficient delivery of quality and inclusive public education and health by local governments in South-Eastern Nigeria. 

The poultry Value Chain project is co-implemented by CSAAE and funded by PIND.

Fidelity bank sponsored the International Women’s Day celebration organized by CSAAE in 2019. The occasion provided an opportunity for female entrepreneurs/ traders to meet potential buyers.


Access Bank provided initial funding for the Young Mompreneurs Initiative (YOMI).

By the power of God, Just Heart Help (JHH) works to advance the minds and enrich the lifestyles of people all over the world. JHH started in 2004 by Dr. Camellus Ezeugwu and Sirlyne Ezeugwu.