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Anti-Corruption Initiatives

Anti-Corruption Toll Free Line

CSAAE’s anti-corruption toll free line is a great opportunity for citizens that experience any form of corruption to report it to our advocacy team for action at no cost to them. Once a case is reported, our advocacy team takes up the matter and ensures that the perpetrator is brought to book. Call 0800-900-1000 to report a case now.

Anti-Corruption Policy Advocacy

CSAAE believes that effective anti-corruption policies can go a long way in reducing corruption. To this end, CSAAE pursues policy changes – at state, national and international levels – that can make it harder for people to practice corruption

Anti-Corruption Crusaders

CSAAE trains and empowers young people to fight corruption through education, monitoring and reporting. Anti-corruption crusaders monitor and report corruption in government, schools, hospitals, workplaces, judiciary, etc. The anti-corruption crusaders are members of the communities trained and supported by CSAAE not only to fight corruption in the communities but also to educate the communities on the way to identify, safely resist and creatively fight corruption.

Rear view of the Public speaker giving talk at conference event.

Eye on Corruption

This is a media program that educates the public on the various forms of corruption, how to identify and resist corruption as well as how to fight corruption. Eye on Corruption exposes corrupt practices in government and in the communities through print, online, video and audio platform. 

The Incorruptible Nigerian Youth Award

We launched this award to recognize youths who are living above corruption while fighting corruption in their communities. In the past, this award was given to youths who demonstrated these abilities in our various programs. But this year, the award will identify youths fighting corruption in their communities through public opinion. Such youths will be given the opportunity to share their stories online to inspire more youths. As incorruptible youths, they will commit to exposing and fighting any form of corruption that confronts them. Members of their communities will be encouraged to keep an eye on them and report them to us should they engage in any form of corrupt practice. CSAAE shall remove the award from any youth found guilty of any form of corruption.


Anti-Corruption Pro Bono Lawyers

CSAAE’s anti-corruption pro bono lawyers fight against reported cases of corruption. The team comprises of over 15 male and female lawyers who are standing by to deal with perpetrators of corruption and work with victims of corruption till justice is served.

Anti-Corruption for Future Leaders

This program empowers and equips future leaders with the information, skills, and resources to identify corruption, safely resist corruption and creatively fight corruption. Since 2013, CSAAE trains up to 50 aspiring leaders yearly in anti-corruption through its Effective Leaders Program (ELP). Trainees go through a six-month immersion year training before moving into a lifetime “Network of Effective Leaders” (NEAL) where they collaborate with fellow future leaders to resist and fight corruption. They also take oaths not to engage in corruption when they become leaders.

Music for Anticorruption

CSAAE inspires, trains, and financially empowers creative youths to launch anti-corruption songs that encourage youths to resist and fight corruption. The anti-corruption songs identify various forms of corruption, analyse their consequences, and persuade youths to stay away from corruption.

University and Secondary School Anti-Corruption Contests

CSAAE organizes annual ethics awards for undergraduates and secondary school students. One of the focal areas of the competition is corruption. The competition can be a scenario-based quiz on anti-corruption requiring contestants to provide solutions to corruption scenarios; experiential essay competition requiring contestants to share personal experiences of corruption and how they safely resisted the corrupt practices or a debate on forms of corruption. These contests are fantastic learning opportunities for thousands of young people that participate in the contests. The contests inspire viewers to resist corruption and the youths that win the awards are motivated to not only resist corruption but also to fight corruption. Apart from cash rewards, contest papers are also published in C-Journal, a journal of social development.

Anti-Corruption Journal

Issues on corruption is one of the focal areas of CSAAE Journal (C-Journal). CSAAE editors publish research articles that explore the origin and causes of corruption, effects of corruption and solutions to the problem of corruption.

Police Anti-Corruption and Youth Brutality Anchors

Bribery is a form of corruption, and the Nigerian police force is notorious for bribery. Often, they target vulnerable youths and could shoot any that refuses to give them bribe. In fact, the brutality of Nigerian youths by the Nigerian police because of their refusal to give bribes to the Nigerian police officers was the reason for the “End Sars Protest.” In 2022, we launched the “Soro Soke Youth Anchors”, that is, the “Speak Up Youth Anchors” to engage the police on the issue of bribery and police brutality. We trained 89 youths from five states of Nigeria to engage the Nigerian police force on bribery. These youths met face to face with police chiefs to discuss the rising issue of police bribery. The youths were trained on how to safely resist police extortion and to report police officers extorting money from the youths. The youths were able to raise this awareness in their communities. For us this was a huge accomplishment because it was a great opportunity for youths to be equipped with the skills to safely resist corruption and fight against it.