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Professional Ethics

Professional ethics refers to the body of rules and laws that govern moral decision making by the members of various professions and occupations. These ethical codes vary from one profession to another and are ultimately designed to advance the common good.

At CSAAE, we believe that if professionals abide by their ethical codes, we shall have a better society. For example if all accountants abide by their ethical codes, it would be harder for leaders to steal money. If doctors abide by medical ethics, we shall surely have a healthier society.

To this end, the Centre provides resources and organizes capacity building trainings for members of various professions to enable them to abide by their ethical codes.

CSAAE Professional Ethics Initiatives

Professional Ethics Compliance Hot Line

Professionals must abide by their professional code of ethics in the discharge of their professional duties to clients. CSAAE’s professional ethics compliance hot line allows clients adversely affected by unethical behaviors of professionals to report such professionals to our ethics compliance officers at no extra cost. Our ethics compliance officers will reach out to the employers of such professionals or to their professional bodies to investigate the matter. To report a case, please call: 0800-900-1000

Code of Ethics Training for Professionals

All professions have code of ethics that guide professionals in the discharge of their duties. CSAAE’s code of ethics training for professionals helps professional groups to train their members in their professional code of ethics while putting structures in place to ensure compliance.

Workplace Code of Ethics Compliance

Organizations including schools, churches, governments, etc., need workplace code of ethics to regulate relations between employees and clients, employees, and employers as well as employees and their fellow employees. CSAAE’s ethics team help develop workplace code of ethics for organizations that do not have any. They also come in to train employees on code of ethics and put structures in place to help employees abide by their workplace ethics. They also help employers avoid workplace ethics violations that can lead to lawsuits.

Professional Ethics Compass

Every month, CSAAE offers an online panel discussion known as Ethics Compass. One of the focal areas of Ethics Compass is Professional Ethics. Select members of a professional body including practitioners, members of the academia and clients are brought together to discuss troubling abuse of professional code of ethics by professionals in the course of discharging their professional duties to clients. Professional Ethics Compass also leverages on CSAAE’s print, online, audio and video platforms to educate the public on professional ethics while exposing professionals abusing professional ethics.

Professional Ethics Training for Aspiring Professionals

Every year, CSAAE recruits and trains aspiring leaders in ethical leadership. One of the focal areas of the training is professional ethics. The aim is to help these future professionals to imbibe the culture of ethics as they prepare to lead the society as professionals.

Professional Ethics Contests for Students

Every year, CSAAE organizes ethics contests and awards prizes to university and secondary school students that excel. One of the focal areas of the contest is professional ethics. The aim is to increase awareness among students who are future professionals on the importance of professional ethics and why they should abide by the code of ethics of their various professions.

Professional Ethics Policy Advocacy

CSAAE advocates for policies – at group, state, national and international levels – that strengthen code of ethics compliance by professionals. Where government policies are making code of ethics compliance and enforcement difficult, CSAAE advocates for change of policy


One of the focal areas of C-Journal – a journal of social development – is professional ethics. C-Journal editors explore the relationship between professional ethics and development.

Medical Ethics Workshop

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