The Network of Effective African Leaders NEAL

NEAL is a small network of effective leaders preparing to take over the leadership of Africa for good. NEAL members

NEAL Leadership Areas

Government Officials including elected political officers such as presidents, governors, legislators; government appointees such as ministers and commissioners, ambassadors and DGs of parastatals as well as senior level civil servants such as permanent secretaries

Media leaders including investigative mainstream and new media journalists, high profile social media influencers and media moguls.

Judicial leaders include judges and Legal activists

Business leaders include CEOs of national and multinational companies including senior officials at the United Nations, World Bank, and IMF as well as mega entrepreneurs

Religious leaders include Catholic priests and bishops, pastors of mega Churches, high profile Imams and Rabbis

Educational Leaders include university Vice Chancellors, principals of high schools and headmasters of primary schools



To join NEAL, one must first pass through a one-year immersion program. Upon successful completion of the one-year immersion program, trainees are inducted into NEAL for a lifetime of leadership support

Meet members of NEAL

Samson Okolinta


Onwukwe Oluchi

Vice President

Valentine Momoh


The Immersion Year Program: Apply

To become a member of NEAL, one must first complete the Immersion Year Program.