Youth Economic Empowerment

Although youth constitute over 65% of Africa’s population, they have been largely excluded from the continent’s economic development. They have little to no access to resources critical to economic growth. That is why they rank among the poorest in the world. To facilitate economic development of youths, CSAAE designs and implements special economic empowerment projects for youths. 

These projects give youths access to resources and opportunities critical to economic growth including access to:

Key Youth Economic Empowerment Projects at CSAAE

Digital Skilling and Employment Project (DSEP)

The overarching goal of Digital Skilling and Employment Project is to reduce youth unemployment by equipping youths with the digital skills necessary to access gainful employment in the global digital economy.Learn more

Succeed With A Mentor Initiative (SWAMI)


SWAMI is a mentoring platform that helps young people connect with professionals one-on-one to guide them on specific career and professional development challenges. Mentors are selected from across the world based on their knowledge and expertise on issues of interest to young people.  Learn more

NEAL Social and Business Enterprises

NEAL is a small network of effective leaders preparing to take over the leadership of Africa for good. NEAL members run for political offices, serve in government, launch social enterprises, mentor future leaders, champion social impact projects, and Shape public policies

Learn more

Recent Interventions



C-FELLOWS We are now accepting applications for the 2022/2023 CSAAE Fellowship Program. CSAAE will support two post-graduate students interested in pursuing careers in the social

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