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Imo International Women's day Celebration 2020

CSAAE is a non-profit dedicated to helping young people build great careers, cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship, become leaders of character and embrace their roles as critical actors in building a better Africa. The Centre pursues its mission through three distinct programs that share the common goal of creating positive social, economic and political change one person at a time. They are:

Effective Leaders Program – ELP

Nurtures Aspiring Leaders committed to the development of Africa


Aspiring Leaders Enjoy:

  • University Scholarships
  • Character Formation & Ethics Training
  • Start-up and scale-up support
  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Access to established leaders for mentoring
  • Recommendation for leadership positions

Career Building & Entrepreneurship Program- CBEP

Helps young people get the education they need, secure employments or establish enterprises that contribute to the development of Africa.

Youth Ethics and Anticorruption Program – YEAP

Raises the consciousness of young people to the importance of ethics towards development and empowers them to fight for:


Rule of Law


Human Rights




Good Governance

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With support from you, CSAAE can expand its program activities and deepen the positive impact they have on Africa’s youth who have the power to shape more positive futures for themselves and others. For the rest of the world, this would mean fewer waves of migration, war, terrorism, cybercrime and other forms of crime that African youths engage in out of frustration and lack of opportunity


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