The Incorruptible Nigerian Youth Award

Psychologists and Ethicists have identified positive re-enforcement as an effective way to promote good behavior and discourage bad behavior. Corruption is bad behavior that can be nipped in the bud through positive reinforcement. Our experience is that many youths feel that there is no incentive to be a good Nigerian because the bad guys win all the time while the good guys suffer. The Incorruptible Youth Award encourages youths to do good and resist corruption

It is an annual special award by the Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, Inc. (CSAAE) to honor three remarkable Nigerian youths who have been deemed incorruptible by their peers and CSAAE’s team of external evaluators. The award recognizes the courage and determination of youths who are keen on doing the right thing and have undertaken an action that has had or likely to have significant impact on level of corrupt practices in his vicinity. As agents of positive change, these individuals must be at the forefront of championing fight against corruption in their various communities by either bringing corrupt practices to limelight, orienting youths to resist and fight corruption or ensuring that perpetuators of corrupt practices are penalized and their victims compensated.

Through this award, CSAAE seeks to inspire and raise a new generation of Nigerian youths strongly committed to ensuring zero tolerance to corruption and its reduction to the barest minimum across Nigeria and Africa at large. The incorruptible youth award comes with a cash price and it’s presented to recipients during CSAAE’s annual Foundation Conference and Impact Diner.

Nomination and Selection Process

The nomination and selection process for this award involves two stages. To qualify for the first stage, potential recipients must be nominated by at least 50 students from his/her tertiary insitution.

Nominees will be assessed by CSAAE’s team of external evaluators to ensure that they meet the award’s selection criteria. All nominees approved by two-third of external evaluators will proceed to the final stage during which the public will be allowed to select the eventual winner through an online voting that will last for two weeks. At the end of the voting period, the top three individuals with highest number of votes will be declared winners of the award for that year and presented to the general public during CSAAE’s Foundation Conference/Impact dinner.

Selection Criteria

To be nominated for this award, all nominees are expected to meet the following criteria: