With your donation, CSAAE can expand its program activities and deepen the positive impact they have on young people in Africa who have the power to shape more positive futures for themselves and others.

For the rest of the world, this would mean fewer waves of migration, war, terrorism, cybercrime and other forms of crime that African youths engage in out of frustration and lack of opportunity

You can also make transfers. Please call for details

Call +14438134968 for USD and +2348168184714 for Naira

Other Ways To Support

Establish a Scholarship

Many of these young people come from struggling homes. Rather than drop out of college and become terrorists or join other criminal gangs, we give them scholarship to complete college.

Donate laptops and tablets

Young people need modern learning tools to cope with the cutting edge training we give them at CSAAE. They need books, data, smartphones and tablets to participate in our weekly webinars.

Support Social Enterprises Initiated by Trainees

Help solve some of our community problems by donating towards social enterprises initiated by young people in our programs. 

Buy Our Products: Books, Solar Lamps, etc.

Give a gift of our life changing career path books to young people in your Churches, villages, schools and organizations. Students can buy our solar lamp at discounted prices.