To facilitate development and end poverty, CSAAE inspires the spirit of entrepreneurship and supports the development of MSMEs in various areas of the economy including agriculture, digital economy, renewable energy and environmental sustainability. The aim is to provide the kind of support necessary to start or scale-up enterprises in areas of market demand. These include but not limited to:

The organization of conferences, seminars, webinars and meet-ups that expose people to entrepreneurship opportunities that they can pursue

The organization of skills (technical and managerial) acquisition trainings to enable people acquire skills necessary to start or scale-up enterprises

Linkage to funding and investment opportunities

Linkage to clients and customers

Linkage to service providers and technical support.

Entrepreneurship Initiatives at CSAAE

Poultry Value Chain Initiative (PVCI)

CSAAE believes that the poultry industry can help many farmers and communities out of extreme poverty. We also strongly believe in the nutritional benefits of poultry meat and eggs, as a good source of protein to families.

Digital Skilling and Employment Project (DSEP)

The overarching goal of Digital Skilling and Employment Project is to reduce youth unemployment by equipping youths with the digital skills necessary to access gainful employment in the global digital economy

Succeed With A Mentor Initiative (SWAMI)

SWAMI is a mentoring platform that helps young people connect with professionals one-on-one to guide them on specific career and professional development challenges. Mentors are selected from across the world based on their knowledge and expertise on issues of interest to young people.

Young Mompreneurs Initiative (YOMI)

Although several studies show that Nigeria has more women entrepreneurs (womenpreneurs) than any other country in the world, Nigeria’s most recent poverty index shows that rural womenpreneurs are the worst hit by poverty in Nigeria.

NEAL Social and Business Enterprises

NEAL is a small network of effective leaders preparing to take over the leadership of Africa for good. NEAL members run for political offices, serve in government, launch social enterprises, mentor future leaders, champion social impact projects, and Shape public policies

ELP Membership