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Promotes rule of law and empowers young people to fight abuse of law
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Rule of Law Toll Free Line

CSAAE’s rule of law toll free line is an avenue for victims of abuse or misuse of law. Whether it is a police officer taking laws into his hands, government official disregarding the law, corporations disobeying the law or individuals flouting the law, citizens can report these by calling: 0800-900-1000.


Legislative Advocacy

Good laws make the society a better place. To this end, CSAAE engages in legislative advocacy – at state, national and international levels – to ensure that good laws are passed, and bad ones are repealed. 

Rule of Law Champions

These are citizens passionate about respect for the rule of law. CSAAE trains them in the spirit and letter of the law, provides them with the resources to track abuse or misuse of laws by government officials, members of the force and citizens. Rule of law champions are members of their communities championing respect for rule of law in their communities while exposing abuse or misuse of law.

Follow The Law

This program takes advantage of print, online, video and audio media to educate the public on the implications of new laws while also exposing abuse of law. Follow the law also teaches the public how to obey the law

Rule of Law Award

This award goes to a lawyer, a member of the judiciary or a legislator that makes impactful contribution towards the enthronement of rule of law in the state. The aim is to promote respect for rule of law through positive re-enforcement.

Rule of Law Advocates

These are pro bono lawyers that work with CSAAE to stop abuse of law. They fight bad laws in court and take on those, especially, government officials abusing the law.

Rule of Law for Aspiring Leaders

CSAAE recruits and trains up to 50 aspiring leaders every year in rule of law through its Effective Leaders Program (ELP). Aspiring leaders pass through a six-month immersion year training before moving into a lifetime Network of Effective Leaders (NEAL) where they work as teams to promote rule of law and facilitate fight abuse of law. As they become leaders, they hold each other accountable on rule of law.

University and Secondary School Rule of Law Contests

One of the focal areas of CSAAE’s ethics award is rule of law. Through debates, essay competitions and scenario-based quiz, contestants identify and proffer solutions to abuses. These contests are learning opportunities for thousands of young people that participate in the contests. The contests inspire viewers to resist abuse of law and the youths that win the awards are motivated to not only resist abuse of law but also to fight against abuse of law. Apart from cash rewards, contest papers are also published in C-Journal, a journal of social impact

Rule of Law for Youths

CSAAE organizes human rule of law workshop for Nigerian youths. The aim is to thoroughly educate select youth in the spirit and letter of the Nigerian Constitution and other laws. These youths are then empowered by CSAAE to go into the communities and train other youths. Insights gathered from the training are put into a book that serves as a resource for youth human rights training and empowerment.

Rule of Law Journal

Issues on rule of law are among the focal areas of CSAAE Journal (C-Journal). CSAAE editors publish research articles that explore the relationship between rule of law and development.