Ethical Leadership Program

CSAAE’s ethical leadership program focuses on building effective leaders with the morals and skills necessary to work for the common good. The program targets leaders and aspiring leaders.

Ethical Leadership Initiatives

Network of Effective African Leaders

This program helps youths build the morals and skills necessary to work for common good as future leaders. Each year, CSAAE admits up to 50 youths, ages 18-26, aspiring to six influential leadership areas including political, religious, business, educational, media and judicial leaders. Through a combination of conferences, workshops, mentorship and shadowing, aspiring leaders imbibe the habits of highly effective leaders. Trainees go through a six-month immersion year program before being inducted into the lifetime network of effective African leaders.

Ethical Leadership Training for Teens

This is a character formation and leadership training initiative for teens. The aim is to infuse in them the principles of ethical leadership including accountability, solidarity, integrity, creativity, punctuality, and honesty. The final goal of this training is to instill in the zeal to work for common good.

Ethical Leadership Training for Leaders

This is a capacity building training with focus on influential leaders. The aim is to strengthen their moral sense and inspire in them the zeal to work for common good.

This program targets:

Ethical Leader Award

This award goes to the most ethical leader of the year based on pre-set criteria. The recipient is selected through a public opinion.

Ethics Leadership Contest for University and Secondary School Students

One of the focal areas of CSAAE Ethics Award is ethical leadership. Through quiz, essay and debate competitions, contestants show clear understanding of the principles of ethical leadership and common good.

Ethics Compass

One of the focal areas of CSAAE’s ethics compass is ethical leadership. Leaders and aspiring leaders are featured to discuss issues around ethical leadership. The aim is to chart a clear ethical path for the masses amidst conflicting viewpoints.

Call for 2024 NEAL Immersion year program form

Do you aspire to leadership positions that are critical to Africa’s development? If you are passionate about the common good and committed to using your influence for positive change, join NEAL – a community of ethical leaders in Africa. Members come from all sectors, including politics, law, religion, media, business, and education. They support one another in their journeys to make a difference in their communities and the wider world.”
NEAL is an exclusive group of leaders at CSAAE committed to the common good of Africa. Their goal is to bring about positive change by taking on leadership roles in the public and private sectors, championing ethical business practices, engaging in mentorship, and influencing public policies. NEAL members remain connected with CSAAE and each other for life, and are known as Effective African Leaders. They work together to shape the future of Africa, for the good of all.