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Imo Good Governance Monitors
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Imo Good Governance Monitors
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Imo Good Governance Monitors
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Imo Good Governance Monitors
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Good Governance

Promotes civic engagement and empowers young people to hold government at all levels accountable

Good Governance Initiatives

Good Governance Hot Line

This toll-free line provides citizens the opportunity to report cases of failure of leadership on the part of the government. Whether it is a horrible road, dilapidating primary school, dysfunctional primary healthcare centre or abuse of public funds, citizens can report these by calling CSAAE toll free line. Our advocacy team ensure that the reports reach appropriate government officials. Call 0800-900-1000 to report now

Good Governance Policy Advocacy

This initiative focuses on policy changes that will improve governance and benefit the people. Through legislative advocacy, campaigns, presentations, stake holder engagements, courtesy visits, CSAAE’s good governance advocacy team push for policies, laws and orders – at state, national and international levels – that benefit citizens.

Good Governance Monitors

These are citizens committed to good governance in their communities. They are trained by CSAAE to hold the government accountable. Focus is on how to understand governance instruments such as budget, contracts, executive orders, etc, and hold the government accountable for these. CSAAE equips and empowers Good Governance Monitors with the information, skills and resources to monitor government affairs, projects and policies in their communities and report to their communities through stake holder engagement, social media and townhalls.

Good Governance Watch

This is a media program that updates the public on government policies, affairs, and projects. Good Governance watch uses print, online, video and audio platforms to expose bad governance while educating the people on how to engage the government

Good Governance Award

This award was established by CSAAE to recognize elected leaders providing good governance. Focus is on local government chairmen and councilors. The aim is to shine light on their efforts to encourage them and inspire others. Recipients of Good Governance awards are selected by public opinion. 

Good Governance Lawyers

These are pro bono lawyers that work with CSAAE to fight for good governance. They tackle bad government policies and challenge government affairs that are not in the best interest of the masses.

Good Governance for Aspiring Leaders

Each year, CSAAE recruits and trains up to 50 aspiring leaders in Good Governance through its Effective Leaders Program (ELP). Aspiring leaders pass through a six-month immersion year training before moving into a lifetime Network of Effective Leaders (NEAL) where they work as teams to promote good governance and facilitate civic participation. As they become leaders, they hold each other accountable on good governance

Good Governance Songs

One of the ways CSAAE is promoting good governance is through good governance songs. These songs inspired and supported by CSAAE promote good governance and condemn bad governance.

University and Secondary School Anti-Corruption Contests

CSAAE organizes annual ethics awards for undergraduates and secondary school students. One of the focal areas of the competition is corruption. The competition can be a scenario-based quiz on anti-corruption requiring contestants to provide solutions to corruption scenarios. The competition can also be an experiential essay competition requiring contestants to share personal experiences of corruption and how they safely resisted the corrupt practices. The competition can also be a debate on forms of corruption. These contests are fantastic learning opportunities for thousands of young people that participate in the contests. The contests inspire viewers to resist corruption and the youths that win the awards are motivated to not only resist corruption but also to fight corruption. Apart from cash rewards, contest papers are also published in C-Journal, a journal of African Development.

Anti-Corruption Journal

Issues on corruption is one of the focal areas of CSAAE Journal (C-Journal). CSAAE editors publish research articles that explore the origin and causes of corruption, effects of corruption and solutions to the problem of corruption.

Imo Good Governance Monitors

Join Imo Good Governance Monitors today and unlock a world of opportunities for personal growth, leadership development and making a lasting impact on governance in Imo State. Together, we can build a brighter future for Imo State.