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CSAAE Expands Its Leadership Program

Aug 30, 2020 | CBlog | 0 comments


CSAAE expands its leadership program, revises admission criteria and training process, and creates more benefits….

Application Deadline: November 30, 2020 

Years of ineffective leadership have led to massive poverty and underdevelopment in Africa. To facilitate development and end poverty in Africa, the continent needs a new generation of effective leaders committed to the development of Africa. In 2013, CSAAE launched a leadership program (ELP) to nurture such leaders.

The goal of the Effective Leaders Program (ELP)  is to raise a special community of leaders with the sole goal of taking over the leadership of Africa for good. Under the guidance of CSAAE, members of this group run for political offices, serve in government, launch ethical businesses, bear on each other and other leaders on good governance, mentor future leaders, champion social impact projects and shape public policies. ELP achieves its goal through:

  • Education of Future Leaders: Supports university education of future leaders through scholarships.
  • Ethics/Character Formation: Imbues future leaders with the morals for effective leadership via mentorship and seminars
  • Problem Solving/Social Entrepreneurship: Inspires future leaders to proffer solutions to social issues via social enterpreneurship and provides access to funding through CSAAE Leaders Cooperative Society.
  • Leadership Building Experience: Connects future leaders with exemplary leaders for experiential mentoring.
  • Leadership Training: Trains future leaders in effective leadership skills via conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Leadership Big Dream: Positions and recommends future leaders for leadership positions critical to development
  • Leadership Support: Provides healthy space for networking, consensus building and constructive feedback.
  • Leaders Welfare: Provides opportunities for the personal, financial and health security of effective leaders including: (a) Access to life, health, car, education and property insurance through CSAAE Group Insurance. (b) Access to safe and gainful retirement plans through CSAAE Retirement Plans. (c)Priority consideration for job, internship, fellowship and IT opportunities at CSAAE. 

Currently ELP begins with a three-year emerging leaders mentoring program that leads to induction into the Centre’s lifetime community of leaders known as the Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL).

But effective January 1, 2021, the leadership program will now begin with a one-year immersion program that will focus on immersing future leaders into the culture of CSAAE and preparing them for a life-time leadership training, support and impact at NEAL.


  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 26.
  • Must be an undergraduate or a graduate.
  • Must be an African aspiring to leadership positions critical to development in Africa including political, business, religious, education, judicial and media leadership.
  • Must show evidence of previous creative leadership experience at any level.
  • Must show evidence of a strong spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Must show evidence of good character.
  • Must sign CSAAE Ethics policy.
  • Must commit to CSAAE good governance and leadership policy.
  • CSAAE associates and former members of ELP evicted for non-ethical reasons may apply.

Click on link to apply: https://csaaeinc.org/2020-effective-leaders-application

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