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2020 ELP Mid-Year Leadership Portfolio Summit

Jun 11, 2020 | CBlog | 0 comments

CSAAE’s Mid-Year Leadership Portfolio Summit holds every June. The summit brings the Centre’s aspiring leaders together to discuss the progress of their social and business enterprises, moral development goals and big leadership dreams. Mentors and peers provide feedback as well as offer encouragement and counseling.
Additionally, experts are invited to teach future leaders skills and strategies necessary to achieve their enterprise and moral development goals as well as big leadership dreams. The summit is also an opportunity for aspiring leaders to review weekly leadership classes taken since January and overview upcoming leadership classes.
This year, special attention will be on resource mobilization for social and business enterprises. There will be introduction to M4P as a fund raising and money saving model for start-ups. There will also be training in business plan development and grant writing to help aspiring leaders position their start-ups for funding. Due to Covid-19, the summit will hold via Zoom from 26th to 27th of June, 2020.
As usual, we shall allow a few youths who are not ELP mentees to participate in the summit at no cost. Please do not apply if you do not have a non-profit or a business (registered or not) you are working on right now.
The portal will close once we receive the first 25 qualified applications. Current ELP mentees are not required to apply.
Many thanks to PIND for partnering with us and to our former ELP mentees. Our two facilitators this year were ELP mentees for 3 years. They’ve learnt so well that they can now mentor others.

At CSAAE, we inspire them and they inspire others! Apply here: https://csaaeinc.org/elp

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