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Emerging African Leaders Program: ELP

Years of ineffective leadership have led to massive poverty and underdevelopment in Africa. To facilitate development and end poverty in Africa, the continent needs a new generation of effective leaders committed to the common good of Africa.  

ELP nurtures leaders committed to the common good of Africa. Focus is on leadership positions critical to development including political, media, religious, business, educational and judicial leadership.

The three-year leadership program features:

  • Leadership trainings to help aspiring leaders imbue leadership skills necessary to navigate Africa out of poverty and underdevelopment.
  • Academic advising, tuition and moral support to enable aspiring leaders complete their education.
  • Career guidance to help aspiring leaders attain desired leadership positions and embrace their roles as critical actors in building a better Africa.
  • Technical and financial support to enable aspiring leaders tackle unmet social needs through social enterprises and community projects.
  • Personal mentors that provide listening hearts for the many issues affecting each aspiring leader.
  • Leadership building experiences to gain practical knowledge from leaders with demonstrated knowledge, experience and virtues.
  • Character formation to orient and re-orient aspiring leaders to positive social and moral virtues.

ELP Training Activities 

ELP Tracks

To be admitted into ELP, applicant’s big dream must be to become one of the following in the near future:  

Political Leader


Media Leader

Judicial Leader

Business Leader

Religious Leader

  • Political leaders include elected political officers such as presidents, governors, legislators; government appointees such as ministers and commissioners, ambassadors and DGs of parastatals as well as senior level civil servants such as permanent secretaries.
  • Media leaders include investigative mainstream and new media journalists, high profile social media influencers and media moguls.
  • Judicial leaders include judges and Legal activists.
  • Business leaders include CEOs of national and multinational companies including senior officials at the United Nations, World Bank, and IMF as well as mega entrepreneurs
  • Religious leaders include Catholic priests and bishops, pastors of mega Churches, high profile Imams and Rabbis.
  • Educational Leaders include university Vice Chancellors, principals of high schools and head masters of primary schools.


Upon completion of ELP at which time they have also graduated from the university, aspiring leaders are inducted into CSAAE’s Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL), a community of leaders committed to the common good of Africa.


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