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Nurtures leaders committed to the development and common good of Africa.  

ELP has two stages: The Immersion Year and NEAL.

Stage 1: Immersion Year 

The immersion year prepares new intakes for a life-time leadership training, support and growth at CSAAE’s Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL).  The immersion year has two phases.

The Enculturation Phase (6 months): Introduces new members to the:

  • Vision and mission of CSAAE
  • Values of CSAAE including: Solidarity, integrity, creativity, punctuality and accountability.
  • Theory and practice of effective leadership as well as key elements of effective leadership including leadership finance, leadership communication, creative and ethical leadership 

Discernment Phase (6 months) : Helps new members:

  • Explore leadership areas they are passionate about.
  • Develop leadership big dream plan. 
  • Identify social or business enterprises to tackle specific socioeconomic problems in Africa.
  • Develop bankable business plan.

Stage 2: NEAL

After the immersion year, new members are inducted into NEAL, a special community of leaders committed to the common good of Africa. Its sole goal is to take over the leadership of Africa for good. To achieve this, NEAL members:

  • Run for political offices.
  • Serve in government.
  • Launch ethical businesses.
  • Bear on each other and other leaders on good governance.
  • Mentor future leaders.
  • Champion social impact projects.
  • Shape public policies.   

Key NEAL activities:

  • Education of Future Leaders: Supports university education of future leaders through scholarships.
    • Open to NEAL members and their children.
    • Scholarship can be for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.
    • Scholarship is both need and merit based.
    • Scholarship is awarded annually between February and April.
    • Emergency scholarship may be awarded at any time of the year to at risk students.
    • Applicants must demonstrate how scholarship would be of relevance to their big leadership dreams.
    • To receive NEAL scholarship, one must be a member of NEAL Cooperative Society
  • Ethics and Character Formation: Imbues future leaders with the morals for effective leadership
    • NEAL members are required to sign and commit to NEAL Code of Ethics.
    • NEAL members are required to sign and commit to NEAL non-compete policy.
    • Breach of code of ethics is a ground for removal from NEAL and/or denial of benefits.
    • State chapters organize ongoing ethics and character formation activities each year.
  • Enterprise Development Support: Assists future leaders to establish social and business enterprises that tackle social and economic problems in Africa.
    • Open to NEAL members in good standing.
    • Provides small interest-free business loans and/or grants to start-ups or scale-ups
    • Provides free or subsidized enterprise development support for NEAL members.
    • Helps NEAL members access credit facilities to scale up their enterprises
    • To benefit from EDS, one must be a member of NEAL Cooperative Society.
  • Leadership Building Experience: Connects future leaders with established leaders for mentoring.
    • One-on-one mentoring open to NEAL members in good standing.
    • Group mentoring open to NEAL members and Immersion Year members.
    • State chapters organize group/individual networking and mentoring activities each year.
  • Leadership Skills Training: Trains future leaders in effective leadership skills
    • Open to NEAL members and Immersion Year members
    • State chapters organize Leadership Skills Development Trainings each year
    • Provides free or subsidized leadership certifications.
  • Leaders Welfare: Provides opportunities for the personal, financial and health security of effective leaders.
    • Open to NEAL members only
    • All welfare support come through NEAL COOPERATIVE SOCIETY
    • Only NEAL members in good standing with NEAL can benefit from LWS
    • Welfare support include but not limited to:
      • Group Health Insurance
      • Group Life Insurance
      • Retirement insurance
      • Group investment opportunities
      • Car insurance
      • Education insurance
      • Housing scheme
      • Zero to low interest loan schemes
      • Wedding, bereavement and ill health moral and financial support

Eligibility: To join the immersion year, applicant must:

  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 26.
  • Must be an undergraduate or a graduate.
  • Must show evidence of creative leadership experience at any level.
  • Must show evidence of a strong spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Must show evidence of good character.
  • Must commit to CSAAE Ethics policy.

Leadership Areas

Our leadership program focuses on leadership areas critical to development including:

Political Leadership


Media Leadership

Judicial Leadership

Business Leadership

Religious Leadership

  • Political leaders include elected political officers such as presidents, governors, legislators; government appointees such as ministers and commissioners, ambassadors and DGs of parastatals as well as senior level civil servants such as permanent secretaries.
  • Media leaders include investigative mainstream and new media journalists, high profile social media influencers and media moguls.
  • Judicial leaders include judges and Legal activists.
  • Business leaders include CEOs of national and multinational companies including senior officials at the United Nations, World Bank, and IMF as well as mega entrepreneurs
  • Religious leaders include Catholic priests and bishops, pastors of mega Churches, high profile Imams and Rabbis.
  • Educational Leaders include university Vice Chancellors, principals of high schools and head masters of primary schools.

ELP Timeline 

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