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CSAAE’s Founder Cautions Those Defending President Buhari

Jul 26, 2018 | From Our Founder | 0 comments


When Hitler started killing Jews, some Jews benefitting from Hitler were also defending him. It was not long before Hitler came for their heads.

Keep defending evil. Keep defending Nigerian Hitler. The other day it was innocent IPOB Christians. Yesterday it was powerless Middle Belt Christian women and children.

Tomorrow it may be you. You sitting behind the computer in the city of Lagos or Abuja feeling safe. You come home today and see your wife and children, you say to yourself all is well. Your ethnic, political and religious interests have so beclouded your reason that the blood of innocent children and women flowing like a river no longer move you.

You explain it away and tell us that it is not new. It is okay for children and women to be killed because it has happened in the past. I hope it will be okay for your wife and children to be killed because wives and children of other men have been killed in the past.

Keep defending evil because your salary is coming from a murderer. Time will come when your salary will not be enough to buy coffins for your own.

Keep defending evil but remember the evils that men defend live before not after them.

Pave all roads in Nigeria, give every home tap water, give us steady electricity, share Abacha loot to us, then turn around and kill our daughters, wives, and children.

Hitler did the same. The Jews of his time also enjoyed German good roads, water and all. But he killed them.

Of what value is electricity, water, good roads and bridges without human life to enjoy them.

“Keep defending evil, you may not live to enjoy the good roads.”


Rev. Fr. Dr. Godswill Agbagwa.

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