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Afrimush, PEFAS, Digprom, How Far So Far?

Mar 12, 2020 | CBlog | 0 comments

“An unexamined life is not worth living,’’ says the philosopher; but what is the essence of the examination if it leads to no improvement or promotion? When our founder set out to establish the Centre of Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, CSAAE, he was clear on his core, focus areas: Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Ethics.

In 2019, some of Emerging Leaders’ Community Development Projects (CDPs), with calibrated impacts were scaled up to enterprises. Healthy Mushroom Farming to Afrimush, Pragmatic Economist Forum to PEFA Solutions and Kids code it to Digprom. How these evolving Unicorns have fared so far forms the substance of our write up.

Digprom- trend your brand. Digprom was birthed by Kids Code It community development project. A CDP that has not only afforded the initiator, EAL Kayode Ishola, an opportunity to participate in a digital event in Rwanda, but gave him the preferential selection to speak at the event. “We are drivers of the Learn Digital in Nigeria Project and we remain committed to helping businesses and brands take advantage of the digital world in winning big in their businesses” explained Mr Ishola. Digprom has trained about 100 students in 5 cohorts; recently, securing the support of the MIT media lab for the Learn Digital for Kids (Scratch Programming) project. The company recently moved her office to the heart of Ilorin, Kwara State capital, towards remodeling it to be a world class IT company. On the other hand, Kids Code It has been remodeled to be a social investment program of the company with team members and volunteers taking the project to the entire Local Government Areas of Kwara State, Nigeria.

Afrimush was launched in March 2019. The enterprise took its leap from the “Healthy mushroom farm” project. Currently, she is into mushroom production and packaging after making the landmark progress of producing her own mushroom spawns.

“Recently, we just succeeded in producing our own mushroom spawn (seeds), which has been a herculean task, due to the complex technicalities of cultivating it from nature. Afrimush is, currently, looking at mechanizing its production process in order to improve efficiency in production and offer better products to our customers” said Initiator, EAL Russel Ubazoro

On the other side of the equation, Pragmatist Economist Forum is one of CSAAE’s proverbial community development projects. It did a lot as a CDP and drew a lot of attention. In September 1, 2019, it was scaled to PEFAS Solutions.

Since the launch of the enterprise, it has served over 105 clients and over 15 organizations; also, raising over 11,000USD for three of her clients. Her recently launched SME Performance Tracker is a disruption of the accounting sector. PEFAS is into business development, project management, Bespoke executive trainings, Career Development Services, Fraud analysis and performance appraisal.

These are our emerging Unicorns. We are proud of the Africa we impact. Go claim your share. You have all the support we can muster.

Uja, Joy Chigozie

Editor, C-Newsletter

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