One of the most inspiring motivational strategies is peer influence. In it, an individual appreciates the potency of his being showcased with a colleague of equal benefit and time. This is exemplified in the following statement of a participant in the Global Youth Change Maker:

“It was a pleasantly overwhelming exposure to inspiration and passion and a gentle reminder of the power of the youth of today and the responsibility we have to ourselves to make positive change both within us and our surrounding” (Navodinee Wickramanayake, 22)

Acquainted with this potential, the Centre, threw a public challenge for youth change-makers to compete for a slot at the 6th IYLCBES; and talk about their initiatives, while serving on the panel for the discussion on the business of the day. The aim is to bring to limelight the efforts of youths who have embraced the developmental challenge and have taken responsible initiative, to address them. They are thus given access to support, sponsorship and encouragement, while at the same time igniting a similar passion in other peer participants.

After several submissions and rigorous scrutiny, the following were invited to engage the 6th IYLCBES audience: Okafor Justina Chinaza CEO, TINEK COOKIES; Joy Onyeike Miracle CEO, JoyAfrik Designs and  Styles; Okeke Chibueze Obumneme CEO, Impact Generation; Edward Paul Idagu CEO, WEALTHY HEALTH; Maduabuchi Tochukwu Sunday CEO, AGROTECH SURELIFT; and some initiators inspired by the Centre: Russell Ubazoro, CEO, AFRIMUSH Farms; Yawe Peter CEO, Healthy Liver Initiative; Samson Okolinta CEO, PEFA Solutions; Okoro Magdalene CEO, AFRICK Cleaning & Environmental Services; A.S. Peterson CEO, IBK-TECH; Ajala Samuel Akindele; CEO, Campus Mart and, Emmanuel Tinuoye CEO, HISTAFRIK.

The aim of the summit is to ignite and rekindle in youths, a passion for development and societal change through entrepreneurship. One of the best ways to do it is through youths for youths and we have no doubts about the success of the Summit. CSAAE is taking the lead. Click to register or here to sponsor


Editor in Chief, C-newsletter