I was at FUTO last month for two weeks. These kids are brilliant, very brilliant. I don’t know how they do it because these kids are learning under harsh conditions.

Late in the night, you will see students studying under solar security lights at the Catholic Chaplaincy where I stay. Only God knows how often they suffer from malaria in a month.

I noticed this time that they turn the university generator on around 8pm and turn it off between 10pm and 11pm. Then they turn it on again for 30 minutes in the morning: 5am-5.30am.

If the generator breaks down as it did a year or two ago when I visited, then there will be no light to study at night.

But even with the generator turned on between 8pm and 10pm, it will take forever for a student to complete a simple engine drawing.

I was touched by this situation and decided that CSAAE will order DURABLE SOLAR LAMPS from China that can shine for 16+ hours non-stop when fully charged. The SOLAR LAMP can also charge phones and other electronic devices. We got smart FUTO students to design the lamp to the taste of Nigerian students. Then we ordered as an American-based organization to ensure quality as goods coming into U.S. must meet U.S. standard.

I used the sample while I was there and it was quite bright and can provide light for a large room occupied by 8 students.

We are giving the lamps away to students at a discounted rate of 10k only. I hear that comparable solar lamps on campus are sold at 15k and they are not durable.

CSAAE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping youths succeed in life. We are charging a modest fee just to enable us buy more and help more youths.

To buy at student prize, you must present something to show that you are a student. If you are not a student, you will pay 12k.

I hear that other universities are asking for the lamps but we have only a few left at FUTO. If you need the lamp, call and I think the sellers can deliver to you wherever you are in Nigeria.

+234 809 134 8895

Goodluck with your studies!!