A group of women and youths under the aegis of Mmahu Town Union in Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area of Imo State, on Wednesday embarked on a peaceful protest against one Pastor Noble Chinedu, said to be the former President General of the community.  According to report, the former President General was accused of fueling for the removal of a Policeman in the community, Inspector Chika Okeabbatta over a disagreement. They said that upon resumption of duty, Inspector Okeabbatta has maintained law and order in the Mmahu community.

The women and youths in their placards asked the Inspector General of police and the State command to ignore the call to remove the named police inspector, as his presence has brought peace and calm in the community except for the activities of the disgruntled elements led by the past Town Union President, Pastor Noble Chinedu.

They further accused the former President General of arranging a protest against the Inspector of Police to cover up his alleged nefarious activities he committed while in office as well other misdeeds during his era.

They also accused Pastor Noble Chinedu that he de-roofed the school building and sold  the roofing sheets, selling of generator sets of the health center and embezzlement of community funds. Other allegations leveled against Pastor Noble Chinedu was claims of being the PG when he is no longer the person.

The Mmahu women who called for his arrest further asked that he should re-roof the Mmahu Primary School and return all the community property with him. The Mmahu women informed that it is only those who are criminal minded and have skeleton in their cupboards that would be scared or against a policeman doing his official duties.

“We can now sleep with our eyes closed due to the handiwork of Inspector Okeabbatta and thanks goes to the Commissioner of Police, the state governor and God for his presence in our community.

“It’s only criminals that are afraid of Inspector Okeabbatta. His activities have reduced crime rate drastically in Egbema and Ohaji/Egbema LGA. He has put criminal elements on the run and those who want to fight back using this manner should be arrested. Mmahu Egbema was on the run because of a killer gang but we have all returned to normal economic and social life courtesy of Inspector Okeabbatta”.


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