From Aspiring Leader to Special Adviser!

We are thrilled to share this inspiring journey of one of our very own CSAAE SWAMI  (Succeed With A Mentor  Initiative) mentee, Ishola  Kayode! He joined our Emerging Leaders Program as a 100-level undergraduate back in 2014. Studying microbiology, he had a spark for digital innovation that we couldn’t ignore.

With the guidance  of our  Executive Director and  our dedicated mentors, Ishola Kayode embarked on a transformative path. He initiated “Kids-Code,” a Community Development Project (CDP), with our full support. 

Upon graduation, he founded DIGPROM and invited the CSAAE team to bless and open it  in Kwara. Through “Kids-Code” and “DIGPROM”, Kayode’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Today, he’s been called upon to lead in the field of digital innovation by none other than the Executive Governor of Kwara State and Chairman of the Governor’s Forum, Mal. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq! 

Kayode is living proof that with determination, mentorship, and the right support, you can turn your dreams into reality! 

Congratulations, Kayode! Your CSAAE family is incredibly proud of your achievements. Keep soaring!