In a strategic move aimed at enhancing employment opportunities for graduates of the Digital Skilling and Employment  Project (DSEP), the Executive Director of the Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy, and Ethics (CSAAE), Reverend Father Godswill Agbagwa, recently led a delegation to visit the Director General of the Imo State Data Management Center. The purpose of the visit was to explore avenues for collaboration between CSAAE and the data center, specifically in the absorption of DSEP graduates skilled in data analytics and entry.

Accompanied by key members of CSAAE, Rev. FR Godswill Agbagwa engaged in fruitful discussions with the Director General of the Imo State Data Management Center. The focus of the meeting was centered on how the two entities could collaborate to provide employment opportunities for the skilled graduates of CSAAE’s DSEP Data Analytics and Entry course.

The meeting resulted in a positive and progressive outcome, as the Director General expressed a keen interest in partnering with CSAAE. In a significant move, he committed to employing 30 graduates from the DSEP Data Analytics and Entry course to work on various projects within the Imo State Data Management Center.

The collaboration signifies a remarkable opportunity for DSEP graduates to apply their skills and contribute to real-world projects in a professional setting. The hands-on experience gained through employment at the data center will not only enhance their practical knowledge but also serve as a valuable stepping stone for their careers in data analytics and management. The partnership opens up employment avenues for DSEP graduates, aligning with CSAAE’s DSEP goal of helping youths gain employment through digital skills.

The collaboration between CSAAE and the Imo State Data Management Center marks a significant milestone in bridging the gap between academic training and practical application for DSEP graduates. As 30 individuals embark on a journey to contribute to impactful projects, this partnership serves as a testament to the power of strategic alliances in advancing education, skills development, and employment opportunities for the youth.


About Our Founder
Fr. Godswill Agbagwa

Godswill Uchenna Agbagwa is a Catholic priest and a social ethicist. He was born in Umueze Amaimo, a small village in Ikeduru LGA of Imo State to Mr. Charlyman Chikamnele Agbagwa and Mrs. Evelyn Chinyere Agbagwa of blessed memory.