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About Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, Inc. (CSAAEINC)


CSAAEINC is an international non-profit organization established to redress the challenges of leadership, poor entrepreneurial spirit, and misguided social and moral sense-all of which we believe are the causes of poverty and underdevelopment in Africa. We accomplish these through four programs: Emerging African Leaders Program (ELP); Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL); Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program (CBEP); Students Ethics and Anti-Corruption Network (SEACON).

Volunteering at CSAAEINC is an opportunity for interested individuals to actively participate and contribute to the successful planning and implementation of CSAAEINC related activities. Volunteering at CSAAEINC is one great way to contribute to youth development and nation building. CSAAEINC works towards a better Africa, where all can have the support and encouragement to work hard, live with dignity and feel proud to belong. If this is the kind of Africa you want for yourself, family and friends, then join us to make it come true. Remember what JFK asked Americans: “Ask not what Africa  will do for you but what you can do for Africa.”

There are also other immediate benefits including certificate of volunteer, priority consideration for jobs, internships, scholarships, training opportunities, free career and entrepreneurship support at CSAAEINC. Volunteers also stand the chance of being selected for long term CSAAEINC nurturing programs such as ELP, NEAL, YMI, etc.