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About Us

NEAL is a special community of leaders at CSAAE committed to the common good of Africa. Its sole goal is to take over the leadership of Africa for good. To achieve this, NEAL members run for political offices, serve in government, launch ethical businesses, bear on each other and other leaders on good governance, mentor emerging leaders, champion social impact projects and shape public policies. 

NEAL Activities


Effective Leadership Index

Recognizes exemplary African Leaders based on their performances and ratings across the 6 core values of NEAL namely: Accountability, Integrity, Creativity, Diversity, Solidarity and Punctuality.


Annual Effective Leadership Conference

Celebrates exemplary African leaders based on NEAL’s effective leadership index while reflecting on the challenges and prospects of leadership in Africa.


Weekly Public Policy Webinars

Weekly meetings of NEAL members to analyze and discuss trending political and socio-economic issues as well as issues bothering on their personal development.


Regional Meet Ups

Opportunity for NEAL members within a region to engage in retreats and team bonding activities.


Leadership Building Experiences

An opportunity for NEAL members to gain practical knowledge from leaders with demonstrated knowledge, experience and virtues.


CSAAE State Leadership

Special leadership position for NEAL members at CSAAE.


Post Graduate Fellowship

CSAAE funded post-graduate fellowship for NEAL members working at the Centre.


To become a member of Network of Effective African Leaders, first you need to apply to join the Center’s Emerging Leaders Program. After 3 years rigorous training on ethical and creative leadership you’ll become a Effective African Leader.

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