Launched in 2013, CSAAE is dedicated to harnessing the potential of young people and providing the kinds of tools and trainings that endow them with the capacities, competencies and character necessary to sustain themselves, create opportunities that help others sustain themselves and embrace their roles as critical actors in building a better Africa.  


Network of Effective African Leaders


 A life-time Network of ELP graduates committed to using their influential leadership positions to facilitate development and end poverty in Africa. Learn more


Career Building & Entrepreneurship Prog


Helps youth, ages 16 – 35, land dream jobs, initiate enterprises or get the education they need and contribute to the socioeconomic development of Africa. Learn more


Youth Ethics and Anti-Corruption Program


Raises the consciousness of youth to the importance of accountability, rule of law and respect for human rights while teaching them how to identify, resist and fight corruption. Learn more


Helps youths land dream jobs 

Learn more


Helps youths get good education 

Learn more


Helps youths launch enterprises 

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All our programs challenge youths to seek solutions to Africa’s problems through social and business enterprises


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With support from you,CSAAE can expand its program activities and deepen the positive impact they have on Africa’s youth who have the power to shape more positive futures for themselves and others. For the rest of the world, this would mean less waves of migration, war, terrorism, cybercrime and other forms of crime that African youths engage in out of frustration and lack of opportunity