Our Programs

ELP | Emerging (African) Leaders Program

Nurturing leaders for positive social change

  • Aim: To nurture ethical and innovative future African leaders
  • Targets: Undergraduates, ages 16-21
  • Selection Process: Written application and oral interview
  • Present Capacity: Minimum of 25 annually
  • Scope: African countries

CBEP | Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program 

Paving new ways for enterprise and employment

  • Aim: To help African Youths launch lucrative careers and contribute to African economic development
  • Targets: Youths
  • Scope: African Countries.


Objectives of SEACON

  • To raise awareness of the consequences of corruption on development.
  • To train students on how to identify, safely resist and fight corruption.
  • To train and provide tools for monitoring and reporting corruption in public service.
  • To work with students in exploring innovative ways to prevent corruption and make engaging in corrupt practices harder.
  • To train students on how to promote transparency, accountability and good governance.
  • To educate and train students on ways to safely, legally and effectively fight for rights.
  • To explain civic responsibilities and propose ways to get involved in civic activities.
  • To explain the need for law and order in the society
  • To train and provide tools to monitor elections and report accurately.

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