The quest for knowledge is an in-born desire in man. We want to learn, know, discover new things, invent, explore, create and also teach others and having the opportunity to do all these is a dream come true for most people.
Over the years, most Nigerian youth have not been able to get the education they need and desire due to various factors such as ignorance, lack of guidance, inadequate funds and so on. Studies have shown that about 40% of youth about to enter into the university are confused about what they want to study in, some are studying courses they do not like, some are clueless about the course they are currently studying ,some wish to study abroad but do not know how to go about it, others wish to apply for scholarships but are not properly informed and are in need of professional guidance and that brings us to who we are and what we do.
C-Educational services is an initiative under the Career building and Entrepreneurship Program (CBEP) organized and monitored by CSAAE. We help youth, ages 18-35, get the education they need home and abroad.
Our education services include;
-Counsel on personality to success achievement traits
-Identify scholarships and other study opportunities home and abroad
-Offers one-on-one guidance through scholarship application
-Admission processing
-Educational marketing and recruitment services
-Offers professional tips to excel academically
Pre-departure preparation and orientation

Our C-Edu blog shall feature
-news in the world of education
-timely alerts on scholarships and other study opportunities
-updates on our services and events
-tips to excel academically and other educational articles
and a lot more.

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