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In Nigeria, over 118 million people are under the age of 25. To put this number into perspective, consider this: If these young people formed a country, that country would be the 12th largest in the world; smaller than Japan, but larger than Mexico or the Philippines. As these young people come of age, how well they transition to adulthood and how well they integrate economically, politically and socially will influence whether Nigeria thrives or collapses from greed and factionalism. The future rests with them and in the face of their growing numbers, those who can help guide their efforts, have a responsibility to steer them.

The young people coming of age in Nigeria and Africa have the power to shape more positive futures for themselves and others. However, the continent’s long standing problems: a decline in oil prices, endemic corruption, and challenges common to many sub-Saharan African countries: inadequacies in public health systems and income inequalities, undercut the potential of Africa and its young people.

Programs like CSAAE invest in and support the potential of young people by providing mentors, career direction, and college scholarship support. If Africa cannot accommodate the needs and aspirations of its surging population of young people, they could generate waves of migration for decades out of frustration or simply a lack of opportunity.

Ways to get involve

Donate Money

CSAAE spends over 15 million Naira ($45,000) annually to bring free ELP, CBEP and YEAP programs to our future leaders and workforce. With your contribution, we can reach more young people.

Establish a Scholarship

Many of these youths come from struggling homes. Rather than drop out of college and become terrorists or join other criminal gangs, we give them scholarship to complete college.

Adopt a Community Development Project

Over 32 community projects powered by CSAAE across Nigeria. Help solve some of our community problems by donating towards CSAAE $150,000 annual project fund.

Donate books, laptops and tablets

Youth need modern learning tools to cope with the cutting edge training we give them at CSAAE. They need books, data, smartphones and tablets to participate in our weekly webinars.

Sponsor an Event

Our trainings are free and over 2000 youths attend each of them. You can sponsor any of our events for youths in your Church, town, school, community, place of work, etc.

Buy Our Books

Give a gift of our life changing career path books in young people in your Church, villages, schools and organizations. Nothing empowers more than knowledge especially knowledge that works.

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