My name is Matthew Mighty Kwanti. I am from Numan Local Government area of Adamawa state, Nigeria. I am the third child of a family of eight. i was born into a Christian family on the 6th of july in the early nineties and we practiced the christain faith (catholic), but now I attend salvation ministries. My father is a civil servant and my mother is a trader. I have two elder brothers (one is late) and three young beautiful sisters. I started my education in Port Harcourt City, Rivers state at Child De Excellence Nursery and Primary/secondary schools, though I delayed in my education due to the nature and state of my family. I have always dreamt of being a doctor even while I was still in secondary school, but my dad could not afford the school I wanted to go and study medicine, so I decided to study something related to medicine which is Biochemistry at Federal University of technology owerri and am currently a student there.

My hobbies are traveling, singing, playing the piano, public speaking, writing and reading; I love inspiring little children so that they can make the best out of life as they grow. I also have a driving passion for Music and I want to use it as a platform to create jobs for youths.

Leadership has been part of me right from my primary school days and my parents have always kept me in charge of our home, even my teachers have always selected me to be in charge of my class.

I was the disciplinarian prefect in my secondary school days, I was made the senior prefect back then but due to some health challenge I dropped out of school for six months so when I resumed I took up the disciplinarian post and the music director of my school. In my home church (st james military church in port Harcourt) I handled three leadership post and am so glad that all these positions brought out the leader in me.

I heard about CSAAE from a poster around my lecture hall in school in 2014. I applied and I was luckily selected. At our first foundation conference as an emerging Nigerian Leader, my opinion about life begins to change and I begin to have positive thoughts towards life. My dreams became clearer and my passion for leadership grew as I learn more of leadership, entrepreneurship and Ethics. All thanks to CSAAE.

At CSAAE all emerging leaders are expected to engage in community development projects (CDP). I selected “MUSIC FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE”. This project is aimed at reviving Ethical morals in music. In Nigeria today and Africa, we have a lot of music that has little or no morals and most of them have contributed to tribalism, corruption, rape and misconducts in our society. Every youth wants to listen to music or watch music videos that talk about sex and drugs all in the name of trend. I have organized two music seminars including an Ethical music competition and its affecting lives positively and I am planning something bigger as we keep advancing. All thanks to CSAAE for this great opportunity.

I have a dream of having a music school where adult, youths and kids will be taught the effective use of music and I also have a dream of becoming one of the singers in the world that will impact lives through good music. I am on my way to fulfill my dreams.

I will like to say an encouraging word to my fellow youths out there as a conclusion. You should not leave this world without affecting humanity positively, if your mind can conceive a thing then you can achieve it, it all starts in your mind. Do you have a dream and do you want to let it die? Ask yourself. Together we can make Africa a better place