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HEALTHY LIVER INITIATIVE (HLI) is a community development project powered by the Center for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics Incorporated (CSAAEINC). HLI is aimed at increasing knowledge of hepatitis status and promoting lifestyles for healthy liver in underprivileged communities in Plateau State.  

This is achieved through free Hepatitis Screening and advises on treatment options as well as health education through social media and radio program. HLI is currently working on an e-medical directory app that will ensure easy access to treatment options. Through HLI, over 1128 residents of Plateau have been tested for Hepatitis and all identified positive clients referred to hospitals for treatment. “One Liver” radio program sensitizes over 20,000 people each week on Hepatitis and healthy lifestyle.


Prevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen ranges between 15% and 30% with at least 40 million Nigerians living with the virus, majority of whom are unaware of their status. Though hepatitis is vaccine-preventable, thousands of Nigerians die each year from hepatitis related liver cancer. These deaths would have been prevented with early diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis. Individuals in most parts of Nigeria are ignorant of the causes of liver diseases and how such disorders manifest initially, as such a great number of people affected present to hospitals when these diseases are advanced and terminal. 


Healthy Liver Initiative (HLI) seeks to proffer solution to the above setback

Public enlightenment and health education on the importance of the liver causes of liver diseases, how such diseases can be prevented, and the clinical features and presentations of the diseases.

Public screening as well as door to door screening for individuals who are at risk of developing liver diseases.

In liaison with hospitals, health foundation, tertiary health institutions in Jos, HLI will refer individuals at risk and those suspected to have the ailment for expert management.



·         To help up to 500,000 people improve on lifestyles that promote liver health by the end of year 2025.

·         To reduce the morbidity and mortality rate from liver diseases by 20% in Nigeria by the end of year 2025


 Work Done:

Since its launch in March 2018, impacts achieved by HLI include:

 · Over 1328 residents of Plateau State screened for hepatitis during two medical outreaches in Lamingo community and University of Jos (War against Hepatitis). All identified positive clients were referred to Hospitals for further treatment and negative clients for vaccination

 · Over 20, 000 residents of the University community and Jos metropolis sensitized on hepatitis and healthy living through One Liver weekly radio program on ICE F.M, 96.1. 

 ·       Over 600 people sensitized weekly via educative posts on HLI social media handle (@healthyliverinitiative) on Facebook and Instagram.


About Me:

My name is Peter Yawe, the first of four children born to Mr. and Mrs. John Yawe.  I hail from Konshisha local government area of Benue State, Nigeria I have been blessed with two wonderful sisters: Elizabeth and Victoria, and a little brother: Caleb.

I am a 5th year medical student at the prestigious University of Jos, Plateau State. I love to make friends and assist people in any way I can while I detest dishonesty and mediocrity.

Since I joined CSAAEINC in November 2017, I have discovered new dimensions of myself.  I have learnt to take up challenges no matter how big they seem. CSAAEINC has been a major blessing and I am privileged to be part of something bigger than me. I hope to become a leader in the world health organization, from there I could easily influence a change in the phase of medical practice in Nigeria, with emphasis on preventive medicine and health promotion rather than curative medicine.

I believe that with hard worker, determination and God’s will, the sky will be my starting point.

Together we can make Africa a better place!