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The Task Ahead

Underdevelopment in Africa is man-made. Only capable and competent African men and women of character can reverse this trend.Through a combination of seminars, skill set workshops, one-on-one mentoring, periodic advising, directed readings, professional networking, internships, leadership-building experiences, community services and ethical reorientation, CSAAE is equipping future African leaders with the capacities, competencies and character to effect positive changes in Africa.
This is a herculean task, but with your support, we can do it

  • Tuition support

    Tuition support for indigent emerging leaders:Help educate future leaders by setting up a foundation or scholarship award with us or simply donating to CSAAE need-based Education Fund for emerging leaders.Honestly, many of these emerging leaders really need help.

  • Internship Opportunity:

    Internship opportunity: Rather than stay idle during vacations and strikes, we place ENL on internships to gain practical knowledge unavailable in the classrooms. Contact us if you have or know of such opportunities, home and abroad.

  • Readership Support:

    Knowledge is power, but knowledge flows through books. Emerging Leaders must read and analyze select books every other month. You can: (i) Nominate a book; (ii) Donate selected books to CSAAE Forum (iii) Rewardtop analysts with learning tools such as laptops and tablets.

  • Proud African Youth Award (PAYA):

    Emerging Leadersare held to highest standards. PAYA goes to emerging leaders who have shown outstanding moral behavior, civic responsibility, community service and creativity.You can set up an award with us to promote this great initiative.

Our Partners

Facilitating development in Africa is clearly not what one small organization like ours can do alone. To this end, we invite governments, non-profits, schools, Church groups, civic groups, corporations and individuals who share our vision to join efforts with us.

Meet Some of Our Individual Paetners