Years of ineffective leadership, corruption, poor entrepreneurial spirit and lack of commitment to common good have led to massive poverty and underdevelopment in Nigeria. In order for Nigeria to make progress and ensure that its people enjoy a better quality of life, the country needs a new generation of leaders and workforce who can fast-track development and end poverty in Nigeria. With youth ages 16-35 comprising 62 percent of the population, much of the hope for Nigeria’s future lies in its young people. They are the agents of change and critical actors in building a better Nigeria. 

Launched in 2013, CSAAE is dedicated to harnessing the potential of young people and providing the kinds of tools and trainings that endow them with the capacities, competencies, and character necessary to sustain themselves, create opportunities that help others sustain themselves and embrace their roles as critical actors in building a better Africa. CSAAE is registered as a non-profit organization in Nigeria and a 501(c)(3) in the United States.

The Founder, Dr. Godswill Agbagwa, a Catholic Priest and University Professor, grew up in Nigeria. While studying abroad as a college student, he was struck by the contrasts he saw between the levels of poverty and under-development in Nigeria compared to Western countries he visited. That experience became the genesis of CSAAE, its programs, and the core values at the foundation of his work, which include:

  • Accountability: Accepting responsibility for one’s activities and in a transparent manner.
  • Solidarity: A commitment to the common good.
  • Integrity: Being honest and fair.
  • Creativity: Thinking and actualizing new ideas.
  • Punctuality: Being prompt and following through on commitments.

CSAAE focuses in an integrated way on three programmatic areas designed to channel young people into activities that develop leaders of character; cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship; promote ethics, anti-corruption, rule of law and human rights. The Centre’s 3-year Emerging African Leaders Program (ELP)prepares youth ages 16-25 for moral leadership and good governance. Focus is on leadership positions critical to development including political, media, religious, business, and judicial leadership. Graduates of ELP form a life-time Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL) committed to using their influential leadership positions to facilitate development and end poverty in Africa. Its Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program (CBEP)provides the kinds of trainings and extended mentoring on career direction that allows youths ages 18 – 35 land dream jobs, initiate enterprises in areas of market demand or get the education they need and contribute to the socioeconomic development of Nigeria. The Youth Ethics and Anti-Corruption Program (YEAP)is raising the consciousness of youth to the importance of transparency, accountability, respect for human rights and rule of law in the work world while teaching them how to identify, resist and fight corruption hindering development in Nigeria. Though distinct in their areas of focus, they share the common goal of creating positive social, economic and political change one youth at a time. All our programs challenge youths to seek solutions to community problems through Community Development Projects (CDPs). These CDPs evolve into mega social and business enterprises (SBEs). 

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Our Leadership

Meet our Founder and President:

Rev. Fr. Dr. Godswill Uchenna Agbagwa

Born and raised in Nigeria, Godswill navigates the globe as an academic, youth animator, social engineer, religious and civil society leader. In the U.S., he teaches ethics and philosophy of law while leading the Catholic campus ministry at Frostburg State University, Maryland. In Africa, he leads the Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics (CSAAE), a youth leadership, entrepreneurship, ethics and career development non-profit he founded in 2013 to help facilitate development and end poverty in Africa. 

With youth, ages 18-35 comprising 62 percent of the Nigerian population, Dr. Godswill strongly believes that much of the hope for Nigeria’s future lies in its young people who have the potentials to shape more positive future for themselves and others and in the face of their growing numbers, those who can help guide their efforts, have a responsibility to steer inspire them. He donates about 60% of his personal income to CSAAE and works for free as CSAAE’s president. In Nigeria, Godswill engages the Government on issues of development and commands large following as a social crusader.

Godswill holds MA in Legal and Ethical Studies from the University of Baltimore and PhD in Ethics & Moral Theology with focus on Social Ethics from the Catholic University of America Washington D.C, while completing a second PhD in International Development with focus on African sociopolitical economy at the University of Southern Mississippi. He has advanced trainings in workplace mediation and clinical pastoral care.

Godswill represents African Civil Societies at the World Bank and IMF Civil Society Policy Forum Working Group. He is a frequent guest speaker on leadership, entrepreneurship, ethics and anti-corruption in Africa. His TV discourses may be found on CSAAE YouTube channel. Extensive articles about him and his work have also appeared in national and international newspapers and journals. He is the author of the book, Solidarity as a Virtue, and the editor of Career Path: Capacities, Competencies and Character.

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