CSAAEINC is an international non-profit organization established to redress the challenges of leadership in Africa, poor entrepreneurial spirit, and misguided social and moral sense – all of which we believe are the causes of poverty and underdevelopment in Africa. We accomplish these through our four programs designed to nurture a new generation of African leaders capable of navigating Africa out of poverty and underdevelopment. Youths are mentored to become political, media, religious, business or judicial leaders with ethical, social and entrepreneurial spirit.


African Leaders

  • Three-year structured nurturing program for aspiring political and government leaders committed to common good
  • Application process selects talented and motivated students
  • Each student is assigned a mentor
  • Conferences bring together entrepreneurs, leaders and experts from across the globe to teach ELP students
  • Students meet weekly on social media to discuss books, films and current events that demonstrate successful, ethical leadership
  • Each student develops, manages and gives formal presentations on a personal project that will benefit their community

Career Building &
Entrepreneurship Program

  • Structured grooming program for aspiring entrepreneurs, media, religious and judicial leaders committed to common good
  • Campus summits and community events for undergraduate and graduate students offering training on:
    • Becoming a successful entrepreneur
    • Securing dream jobs
    • Finding educational and training opportunities home and abroad
    • Creating, managing, saving and growing money
    • Getting involved in civic activities
  • Follow up pro bono career development consultancy 
  • Weekly online training on career development

Students Ethics &

A network of college students in Africa identifying and exploring innovative ways to promote ethics while combating corruption.

  • Raises awareness of the consequences of corruption on development
  • Explores tools for monitoring and reporting corruption in public service
  • Promotes transparency, accountability and good governance
  • Explains civic responsibility and promotes civic involvement
Youths participating in CSAAEINC programs
Select future political, media, religious, judicial and business leaders being mentored
Community Development Projects currently active
People benefiting from community development projects, many women and children

Our Leadership

CSAAEINC was founded by Godswill Agbagwa, a Priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. He follows a bottom-top approach to development and has developed effective mentoring modules for helping key drivers of development including aspiring political, media, religious, business and judicial leaders build the capacities, competencies and character to facilitate development and end poverty in Africa.

Rev. Fr. Godswill Agbagwa obtained a Doctorate in Ethics and Moral Theology (with concentration in Social Ethics) from the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. He also holds a Masters in Legal and Ethical Studies from the University of Baltimore with emphasis in Professional Ethics. He has additional graduate training in workplace Mediation and Clinical Pastoral Education. Currently, he teaches Masters level Social Ethics at St. Mary’s University and Seminary, Baltimore, Maryland while completing another PhD in International Development at the University of Southern Mississippi. He is an elected member of the World Bank and IMF Civil Society Permanent Working Group representing Africa.