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Youth Ethics And Anti-corruption Program – YEAP

Feb 9, 2021 | CBlog | 0 comments

The sole goal of CSAAE is to see that the Africa we want comes into realization. At the centre of this cause, the youths serve as the engine hub driving the realization of this goal. Our founder, Dr. Fr. Godswill Agbagwa nurtures youths via our programs at CSAAE. An instance of such programs is YEAP. Our founder’s believe in youths is out rightly visible when one realize that our organization in numbers is hugely dominated by youths.

Our focus at YEAP as depicted in its nomenclature is an initiative driven and solely aimed at improving and awakening the consciousness of young people to stand against every ill halting the development of Africa.

In other words, YEAP raises the consciousness of young people to the importance of transparency, accountability, respect for human rights, good governance and rule of law in the work world while working with them to fight corruption hindering development in Africa.

In Africa, rule of law has been confidently breached. Human rights in Africa is nonexistent. Corruption is present even among security forces of the state. It must be noted that the Africa we want is realizable when the youths are aware of the dangers of neglecting the rules of the land. Of course, the youths are the leaders of tomorrow.

Hence, it becomes imperative that we build ethics-conscious young people to see that the narrative changes. YEAP focus areas are divided into four facets. These facets are the major areas where Africa has continued to grapple with.

CSAAE utilizes innovative means to promote the rule of law while working with young people to identify, prevent and fight abuse of law in their communities. The rule of law prevents any abuse of power by the state. Thus, we push our youths to promote the rule of law which is the major backbone of our democracy.

Our organization challenges young people to identify human rights abuses in their communities, their root causes and best ways to fight such abuses. In addition, we educate young people on the need to respect human rights and work with them to promote respect for human rights at all levels.

We believe that if Africa is to ever become a better place, there is need to raise a critical mass of leaders committed to good governance. YEAP achieves this through trainings in good governance and active engagement in good governance advocacy by young people.

Lastly, we raise awareness of the consequences of corruption and work with young people to identify, resist, prevent and fight corruption. Corruption stalls the development of a nation, so we bring the attention of our youths to the derailing impact of corruption.

We want a corruption-free Africa. We want an Africa where human rights are being respected on a daily basis. We want good governance in Africa. And finally, we want an Africa where the rule of law prevails every day. The youths, who are the leaders of tomorrow, are the drivers of YEAP.

A Greek philosopher, Diogenes once expressed the importance of youths to development thus: “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” We are instilling in our youths, the education to make the government and the citizens accountable, corruption-free, adhere to the rule of law, and forego the abuse of human rights.

To volunteer or join our cause at YEAP, read more about the requirements to be a member of our network.

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