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Youth Development In Nigeria Is Lip Service

Feb 24, 2021 | CBlog | 0 comments


The word young is synonymous in most settings with development. The time when the most development occurs is during the youthful period. Youth development in Nigeria has been all lip service and no action. The systems and institutions in Nigeria now exploit the youth or destroy them. There is no wholistic approach to developing young people in Nigeria. Our tertiary institutions have now become demotivating places. By the time you’re through dealing with ASUU strike you’ll still have protest induced long holidays to contend with. The place that once was and is supposed to be the citadel of learning where people excel in character and learning has now become the home where crime and criminality are praised while hard work and dedication are mocked.

Modeling competition participants earn more than best graduating students in our tertiary institutions. The place where we are supposed to develop minds has become the biggest brain drain in our nation right now. The biggest advantage of darkness, pitch darkness is that any iota of light would be greatly felt. With the current state of youth development in Nigeria at it’s all time low, organizations like CSAAE have become a light which is being felt immensely no matter how little. CSAAE has been able to support more than 25000 young people. It’s C-BEP program is bringing to our society career career and enterprise development support, something that has really been deficient in our education system, thus making wonderful orators languish in zoology or other scientific courses where their God giving talents are not put to great use. Our YEAP program is continually shinning light on corruption and encouraging young people to fight corruption, promote human rights, rule of law and good governance. Our Effective Leaders Program (ELP) is training young people to not only shoot for the top but it’s equipping them to become effective leaders right now in their communities and in every strata of life they find themselves.

CSAAE is doing a great job at doing great with little. With your support we would be able to do more.
Our country would get better, only when we begin to work and contribute to the development of young people. Follow link to donate now. https://csaaeinc.org/donate

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