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Youth Ethics and Anti-Corruption Program: YEAP

Building a culture of integrity

YEAP raises the consciousness of youths to the importance of transparency, accountability, respect for human rights, good governance and rule of law in the work world while teaching them how to identify, resist and fight corruption hindering development in Africa.


Rule of law

YEAP utilizes innovative means to promote  the rule of law while working with young people to identify, prevent and fight abuse of law in their communities. 

Human Rights

YEAP challenges young people to identify human rights abuses in their communities, their root causes and best ways to fight such abuses. YEAP educates young people on  the need to respect human rights and works with them to promote respect for human rights at all levels. 


YEAP tackles corruption from the root by raising awareness of the consequences of corruption; educating youths in accountability and transparency; and rewarding incorruptible youths. YEAP also  works with young people to identify, resist, prevent and fight corruption.

Good Governance

We believe that if Africa is to ever become a better place, there is need to raise a critical mass of leaders committed to good governance. YEAP achieves this through trainings in good governance and active engagement in good governance advocacy by young people.

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