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Jul 28, 2019 | CBlog | 0 comments

Anything abroad seems to come with a certain ‘ginger’ in Nigeria. We love vacations abroad, wedding abroad, shopping abroad and everything with ‘abroad’ attached. Let’s not forget study abroad.

Ever wondered why studying abroad is so popular in Nigeria and beyond? 9 out of 10 Nigerian students wish to study abroad. It begs the question ‘why study abroad?, Isn’t studying in one’s country enough? Do I have to study abroad to excel? Of course you can decide to study in your country and be successful. However, the best learning doesn’t take place in the classroom and one needs to explore and be versatile. The world is out there for you to explore so why not study abroad? Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider studying abroad:

1. increase your network: You may have heard the saying, ‘the world is a global village.’ Yes, the world may seem big but its all interwoven. Study abroad and meet new people, make new friends, exchange contacts, establish relationships. Studying abroad is a very good opportunity to grow your network . Remember the saying: ‘your network is your net-worth’.

2. Experience new culture: Culture is the way of life of a people and what greater way to learn the culture of a people than to actually experience it! You get to speak their language, eat their food, wear their clothes, listen to their music, see their art and a lot more. It sure is exciting .

3. Learn new language: Language is an aspect of culture and most of us had probably learnt a foreign language or two in school already but how much of it do you remember. Living in a foreign country can enable you learn a language faster than you can imagine because you use it to carry out basic activities. You could study in France and learn to speak french fluently or study in London and pick up their cool English accent.

4. Learn differently: Study abroad to acquire new learning experience. You would be surprised how differently learning is done around the world. Who knows? You could revolutionize education in your country through your experience.

5. It would look good on your CV: Studying abroad can make you stand out in the labour market. The experience you gain during your study abroad can be an added advantage for you and help you land that dream job.

6.Explore: Finally, explore the world. Visit historical sites, wonders of the world, musuems, see great architectural works, experience a different aspect of nature… you can do all these while studying abroad .

Luckily studying abroad has been made a lot easier. Register with us today, let’s help you get the education you desire.

Nnamani Nwabuba

Coordinator, C-Edu

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