The problems facing Women Business owners in Nigeria

Nigerian business women face a lot of challenges when doing business in the country. Nigeria is situated in Africa and the continent is home to one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and has the potential to become a global economic superpower. However, due to various factors like lack of access to finance, inadequate infrastructure, corruption, and poor education system, Nigerian business owners have found it hard to do business and its women have a lot to say about it. They have to manage the burden of being a woman, mother, and entrepreneur at the same time. They are also often discriminated against and are not given opportunities that would help them grow their businesses.  

This article will talk about the challenges faced by Nigerian business women and why they are so important for Nigeria’s future.

Some of these challenges include lack of access to finance, unfair treatment by society and discrimination, lack of skills and knowledge, limited market opportunities, and the need for more female role models.

The problems faced by African entrepreneurs include:

1) Lack of access to finance

2) Unfair treatment by society and discrimination

3) Lack of skills and knowledge

4) Limited market opportunities

5) The need for more female role models.

Women doing business in Nigeria desire a free and fair environment to conduct their business. They deserve all the assistance that they can get to help them be more productive and profitable. It was for these reasons, among several others, that the Young Mompreneur Initiative (YOMI) was initiated.

YOMI is a business enterprise development program dedicated to helping young women build successful small, medium and large scale business enterprises; earn more money to make a living while creating opportunities that can help other women sustain their families.


·         YOMI Grants

o   Member only small grants to start-up or scale-up

·         YOMI Export

o   Facilitates exportation for members

·         YOMI Mainstreaming

o   Helps members register their businesses and open business accounts

·         YOMI Business Branding

o   Creates business names, logo, social media handles, business profiles, websites

·         YOMI Business Promotions

o   Promotes businesses of members

·         YOMI Health Insurance

o   Subsidized group health insurance for members

·         YOMI Business Management Training

o   Trains members in costing, marketing, bookkeeping and customer relationships

·         YOMI Technical Training

o   Trains or strengthens members technical skills

·         YOMI Linkage

o   Connects members to funders, inputs, service providers and customers.

·         YOMI Cooperative Society

o   Group savings, lending and investments for members.

If you are a female business owner in Nigeria, check out YOMI at to register and enjoy benefits that would grow your business and change your life.

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