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Extreme poverty is growing by six people every minute in Nigeria(Vanguard,2018). The Nigerian nation has been in an economic struggle almost since her independence. Policies upon policies have been made to stabilize the economy, heavily dependent on the pendulous global oil price. Even with the recent Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, Nigeria bagged the award home as the poverty capital of the world. It is unanimously acclaimed that the only way to steer Nigeria out of poverty is to insulate her economy against the fickle global oil price. The question, however, remains thus: does Nigeria have the wherewithal; the human resources?

In 2014, Samson Okolinta, an Effective African Leader, a first class economics graduate, troubled with the lingering national economic struggle, formed a group of passionate economists nationwide, to deliberate on the nation’s economy and proffer solutions. This, he called the Pragmatic Economists Forum(PEF). PEF is serving as a think tank, solving economic problems of underdevelopment.

With less than five years of existence, their research work was sought by the Punch newspaper to be published in their paper given its remedial inclination.  PEF has also made remarkable research progress which is found published in her magazine identified as SmartLeaves. Their focus on divergent economic sectors has made their work a great voice to reckon with in economic planning and evaluation. Some of their notable works are  and many others at the PEF website  while other PEF achievements can be viewed at https://csaaeinc.org/project-pef/2019/01/16/achievements-of-pef.

The goal of the Centre for Social Awareness Advocacy and Ethics Inc. (CSAAE) is to breed youths imbued with the capacities, competencies and character necessary to navigate Nigeria and the African nations out of poverty and underdevelopment. In line with this goal, each Emerging Leader is charged to establish a Community Development Project (CDP), which addresses a social problem.  PEF is one of them and we are proud of the impacts it is making.



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