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Aug 5, 2019 | CBlog | 0 comments

There is a new kind of peer pressure in town guys. It’s the job market! So you just left a get-together with friends and you hear of your friends moving ahead in life and getting that paper. Yeah, you have your modest salary but you seriously know you could do better like your friends. Right???

It’s the age of the Millenials and we are all in a hurry to make it. Technology has not helped with matters and seeing your friends on Instagram take that trip to Bali, Indonesia can really bring up some self-doubt like “Dude, what are you doing with your life?”

I got talking with my boss recently, a young adult, late 30s, and I took some lessons from our chat.

  1. It’s good to be ambitious but let life take its time: Yeah, we all want to live a comfortable life and be able to afford whatever we want, no matter what. But, perhaps we should stop and think about why we should not miss the learning curve too. Each person is made up of his experiences and lessons, it is therefore important that even though we are in a hurry, we are intelligent enough to acknowledge the need to be patient with life and learn the lessons. As we all know, life is in stages and it is just a poor expectation when we want to do things so quickly without trusting the process. A good example would be that, yeah, we have the Mark Zuckerbergs who are young and getting it but behind them are millions of youth who work together to bring out Mark’s dreams. I think the moment we realize that not everybody can be superman, the more we decide what we want to contribute to make our society and communities a better place.
  2. Don’t sit on your oars, start learning something new: This may seem like a departure from the first lesson but looking at it deeply, you see it’s not. Technology has its problems but it is perhaps the most favorable game changer for the youth of today. Without having to leave your home, you have access to an abundant level of information on a daily basis and just a few Youtube videos can make you an expert on some issues-well, not really an expert, but at least knowledgeable. It is therefore important for every young person to make use of every opportunity they get to make themselves better. Therefore, even if you are unemployed at the moment, that is not the time to make yourself, more unemployable. Use your free time to have fun and soak in as much knowledge as possible. The difference between not being in a hurry and not sitting on your oars is in the essence of what you do with your free time. It’s totally acceptable to have fun but never let a day by without having learned something that makes the world think, “Hey, we need that guy at this table!”

To learn more about ways to improve yourself without so much pressure, CSAAE has created a Job placement outfit, C-Job and their major aim is to make you employable and gets you, access to job opportunities. To learn more about C-Job, visit https://csaaeinc.org/c-job/ and follow us on our social media pages @Csaaeinc.  

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