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That Africa May Have Life And Have It To The Full

Apr 15, 2017 | Founder’s Blog | 0 comments


The great festival of Easter is here again. It is a great occasion to thank you for your commitment to CSAAEINC. Christ suffered, died and resurrected that we may have life and have it to the full. Four years ago, we launched CSAAEINC to advance this mission of Christ in Africa. CSAAEINC addresses issues of poverty and underdevelopment in Africa shortchanging the quality of life in Africa. The Centre believes that poverty and underdevelopment in Africa are caused by a combination of failure of leadership, loss of moral and social sense as well as lack of entrepreneurial spirit. To this end, the Centre provides ethics, excellence in leadership and entrepreneurship programs aimed at helping youths build the capacities, competencies and character to facilitate development and end poverty in Africa. CSAAEINC focuses on youths because we want to nurture a new generation of African leaders and workforce that will bring positive socioeconomic change to the continent.  Currently, our programs include:

ELP (Emerging African Leaders Program): ELP responds to Africa’s failure of leadership. The aim of ELP is to nurture future African leaders for positive social change. ELP is made up of   potential African leaders selected through a competitive process. Through a combination of conferences, mid-year summits, leadership building experiences, one-on-one mentoring, book reading, film viewing, community development projects and scholarships, emerging leaders develop the habits of highly effective leaders. While in the program, they promote ethical and innovative leadership on campus and in the communities. They also provide innovative solutions to community problems. Upon completion of the program, at which time they have also graduated from the university, CSAAEINC works with them to secure jobs or initiate enterprises in areas of market demand. We support them as they work their ways to influential positions and work with them to effect positive changes within their spheres of influence. They mentor other emerging leaders and work with CSAAEINC on various community development projects.

CBEP (Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program). CBEP responds to Africa’s lack of entrepreneurial spirit. The aim of CBEP is to pave new ways for employment and enterprise in Africa. It is an integrated career-building program designed to help African youths launch lucrative careers and contribute to African socioeconomic development. CBEP trains youths from across Africa on how to become successful entrepreneurs; secure dream jobs; secure educational and training opportunities home and abroad; create, manage, save and grow money; get involved in civic activities; fight for their rights as citizens; as well as how to become ethical and inspirational citizens.

SEACON (Students Ethics and Anti-Corruption Network). SEACON responds to Africa’s loss of moral sense. The aim of SEACON is to build a network of college students from higher institutions in Africa to begin identifying and exploring innovative ways to promote ethics while combating the canker worm of corruption hindering development in Africa. Through a combination of nationwide, regional, state and campus ethics seminars; national ethics contests; online, radio and TV ethics programs that reward ethics feats while exposing corrupt practices; and student-led ethics advocacy, SEACON helps university students build the capacities, competencies and character to promote ethics and combat corruption.

CSAAEINC is registered in Nigeria as a non-profit with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

CSAAEINC is also registered in the United States as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

CSAAEINC’s programs are implemented from the Centre’s office in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria with planning support from its international office in Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA.

Thank you for all you do for Africa through CSAAEINC. I wish you a happy Easter and good times ahead. I hope you enjoy the Easter holiday with your family and friends.

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