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Feb 11, 2019 | CBlog | 0 comments

Today we’ll be talking a little about entrepreneurship and productivity. You’re already probably too tired of hearing these words but don’t let that take away the benefits of this piece from you.

We are already well into 2019 and like me, you may sadly have skipped on some of your resolutions already. You may however still be resilient on some goals which I totally applaud, as your self-appointed partner in your journey of self-development.

Though my penned thoughts are for entrepreneurs mainly, the principles are just as applicable to other aspects of our lives as students or employees or employers.

As humans who place much emphasis on success, we tend to forget that most successes have to face the test of time and some hiccups here-and-there. Therefore, do not be discouraged by reason of having lapsed into your 2018 mode so early in the new year. The right question to ask yourself at this point is how can I get back on track?

As humans who place much emphasis on success, we tend to forget that most successes have to face the test of time and some hiccups here-and-there.

Here is a list of some things that can get you to join the race to success again:

Don’t stop dreaming!

It is quite easy to give up on grinding once you lose a vision- that appeal that made you giddy when you found out your first business idea or got hold of a new knowledge. You will agree with me that the fervor with which you tackle challenges is different from when you do not even know what you are fighting for- your passion. Therefore, the first tip is always to keep that dream alive.
The big tech companies and most Fortune 500 companies have that tiny vision which they hold on to. That vision is the chip that drives them to make innovations and find better ways to deliver their goods and services. It is also what will encourage you to find a better way to educate yourself for that success you aimed for at the beginning of 2019. So don’t give up just yet!

Take a breath to think again


Hey partner! We live in a fast-paced world. No doubt about that in a 4G world (sadly, some of us still suffer the slow-paced 2G network, including myself ). Everyday, you soak up so much information, including academic, political news, boardroom or classroom gossip. It is hardly easy to follow up on your goals and dreams once you resume school or work on Mondays. Sometimes, you are so fagged out from the week’s work , you just sleep all weekend and that bad cycle eventually goes on and on. Well, you can stop that cycle and here is how. Take a step back, take a pause, take a breath, a deep one. Pick a Goals Accountability Partner (Gap). This is someone you believe can be diligent enough to remember your goals and gist about them with you every once in a while (once a week is ok) over coffee or kùnù to know how far you have gone with your goals. The magic with talking to a friend is that it tends to helps you take a pause and gather your thoughts in a world that requires you to be at top flight always.

Get your goals one step at a time.

Like I said. This is a fast paced world and everyone expects you to be achieving those goals like you’re a Ninja. Please tell them you’re not. It is easy to give in to the societal pressure of achieving as much as you can within the shortest span of time (which in itself is not wrong), but you and I should not let this rat race to success kick us into overdrive or depression. Therefore, when you wake up tomorrow morning, ask yourself after meditation “what are the 3 things I will do today that will drive me closer to my goals?” Then achieve them one by one. The trick to this is that you feel the joy and short bursts of fulfilment that comes with completing tasks. This will encourage you to push yourself to even greater challenges the day after that. Be careful though about overburdening yourself with so much, you just might end up achieving so little or nothing at all.

Again, don’t stop dreaming, take a deep breath and go get your goals, one step at a time!

Have a great week ahead.

Written By

Ajiboye Jesutooni E (ENL)

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