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Isn’t this funny?

Feb 6, 2018 | From Our Founder | 0 comments


They are even promising Igbos the presidency in 2023 so Igbos can vote for PMB in 2019.

As if an Igbo president will make a difference. How much difference has Rochas made in Imo? How much difference has Buhari made in the North. How much difference did OBJ make in Yorubaland?

Nigerian politicians do not care about tribe. They care about their pockets and families. They play tribal game to get into power and naive Nigerians feel good about it.

You are from the North right? PMB is from your area right? Are you buying fuel at a cheaper prize? Are your roads paved? Do you have better medicare out there? Is electric power steady in your area?

Yet, your brother is the president and you are willing to fight other tribes who want your no good brother out.

When Rochas was running for re-election in 2015, some Orlu people fought people from other parts of Imo who wanted Rochas out. “So long as he is from our area, let’s vote for him,” they said.

But are these people suffering under Rochas now? Do they still feel good that their brother is Imo governor?

Nigerians must stop voting on tribal and religious lines. When election comes, they tell you how other tribes and religions hate you to earn your votes. When they win, they focus on their families and political allies.

If you like be my biological or religious twin brother or sister, I will vote against you if I believe you can’t do it. Hate me or like me.

My brother or sister is the one who cares for me, not necessarily the one who comes from my tribe or even family.

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