How To Fight Corruption As An Individual

Fighting corruption as an individual, unethical practice
Fighting corruption as an individual, unethical practices

Corruption can simply be seen as an abuse of power. This power is entrusted to a person or organization to be used for the common good of all, but unfortunately, they are used for personal gains often negative.

These unethical practices deprive most people of enjoying the benefit of equity and hinder growth and development among nations. This is so because corruption preys on the vulnerable in society.

Corruption attacks her victims through some of the following means

  • Inflation
  • Lack of infrastructures
  • Prevents access; 

*Judicial services 

*Education services

*Health services 


Having established what corruption is, this article further emphasizes the common corruption practices, characteristics of corruption, unethical practices, and strategic ways to combat corruption as an individual 

Places we find Corruption 

Usually we find this coming into light in our 

  • Educational sector
  • Judicial sector
  • Health sector 
  • Government offices

Places we find corruption are numerous in our country today, but we can combat this unethical practice. 

7 ways to combat corruption as an individual

The government institutions and private institutions are made up of people and these individuals can put in personal efforts to fight corruption.

Here are 7 ways individuals can fight against corruption 


Most people lack a disciplined background, not as if they don’t know the difference between right and wrong. Doing the latter is easier for them, but this is a short-term game. 

Cultivating a disciplined culture within oneself grants a successful fight against corruption practice. Since corruption is a contradiction to disciplinary values, a disciplined individual won’t engage in such an act.


This tactic is similar to the first, but for emphasis, we will be treating it as its own.

Honesty is a moral character that involves sincerity, loyalty, and trustworthiness. This character, if present in an individual, can combat corruption.

An individual with this attribute will always prefer the truth, doing things in the right way, and won’t be found wanting in the lies associated with corruption. 

Avoid being Idle 

This is the key factor for an individual to fight corruption. We are all subject to our instinct; which is the search for food and shelter.

Corruption usually sets in for financial gain, that is one of the reasons this inhuman act triumphs in developing countries.

So as an individual, get a reliable and decent source of income.

Role model

We all have been influenced in one way or the other by people. Role modeling is one of the fastest and most impactful ways to transmit a behavioral pattern. 

 Hence, as individuals, we are expected to live an exemplary life worthy of imitating.

Share experience/ thought

For fear of the unknown, most people tend to conceal their ordeal. Or should we say they lack the ability to share their stories, relating to unethical practice. 

As individuals wanting to combat corruption, you need to share your experience and also thoughts on corruption practice. 

Don’t feel less confident in sharing your side of the story; 

  • It serves as a warning sign to others
  • It alerts the public

Speaking up

Constructively disagreeing in a well mannered approach will do the trick.

But if an individual still needs certain coverage in other to speak against an illegal activities, then the next option should be applied 

Joining and participating actively  in NGOs

Joining a Non-Governmental Organisation should be everybody’s target. 

Yes! you read that correctly 

Now do your research and join the NGO that suits you. Most NGOs provide personal and societal values, a common interest is shared on how to develop the current state of a nation.

Furthermore, under an NGO you will be given a platform to share your experience, and then the NGO uses her unique voice to address such an issue. 

Strategic ways to combat corruption as individuals
Strategic ways to combat corruption as individuals

Why we need to Stop Corruption 

Corruption is a master of unethical practice that ravished and deprives its victims of enjoying the benefit of equality.

Some studies claim that the poor are usually the victims, this study is 80%true.

If corruption continues to be the order of the day, a high poverty density will continue to strive.

So dear friends, corruption needs to be stopped first individually and later collectively. 


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