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How CSAAEINC Scholarship Saved My Education

Mar 29, 2017 | CBlog | 0 comments

“CSAAE scholarship solved a major challenge in my education namely, my tuition. My school is the Federal University of Technology, Owerri located in Imo state, east of Nigeria. The school has been in the news for past two months because the students carried out a demonstration against the school authority. The reason is that the school suddenly increased our tuition and set a mandate for the entire students to pay or forfeit examinations for the semester. I was one of those who almost missed their exams due to the increase because I couldn’t pay before the deadline.

Then CSAAEINC stepped in. The scholarship was given to me on March 10, 2017, and enabled me to pay my school fees. It also helped me to purchase an important textbook for my major course. I see CSAAEINC scholarship as life saver.” – Kwanti, 4th Year Student of Biochemistry

“CSAAEINC scholarship came to me at the most crucial moment in my academic career. Funding four of us in the University has become quite tough for my parents, especially with the downturn in Nigeria’s economy. Things had become tight for the family.

CSAAEINC came on March 1st, 2017. With the money, I could buy my text books, pay for my field trip, my departmental and faculty fees, start off my project, and still save some pocket money for my academic needs.

As a final year student, my chances of graduation are reasonably enhanced now courtesy of the help from CSAAEINC.” – Chibuzor, 4th Year Student of History and International Relations

“Prior to my receiving CSAAEINC scholarship, I encountered countless challenges and embarrassments where I had to borrow laptops from friends for mandatory programming practical and assignments. I couldn’t afford one for myself because of lack of finance. As a student of electronic and electrical engineering, it was tough coping with assignments and class works without a personal computer.

CSAAEINC scholarship supported me to acquire a laptop. I no longer go about asking from friends to do my work, hence I am a proud owner of a good laptop. I turn in my assignments on time nowadays, thanks to CSAAEINC.” – Jeremiah, 4th Year Student of Electrical/Electronics Engineering

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