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Healthy Body, Active Mind, Better Living…

Jan 8, 2019 | CBlog | 0 comments

It is yet another beautiful day. Across the fields, the dewy grounds await the morning caress of your feet. At the bottom of your bag, beneath every other fold of clothes, tracksuits lay waiting to be worn.

What about your stomach? I can hear its pleas for a change – a change in diet, meal and proper hydration. How well and often do you take care of your health? When was the last time you visited the gym or hit the ground for a jog?

“Health is Wealth”, they say. So to enjoy a better quality of life, healthy eating and regular exercise are paramount, especially for the youths, comprising 60% of the world’s population that contribute to the growth and development of the emerging world.

An active mind is a result of a healthy living. With good health, one can achieve more than he/she has ever imagined.

Sadly enough, young people do not practice healthy living. We skip meals, neglect physical and mental exercises, spend hours on our phones playing games and consume foods with exceedingly high amount of calories and sugar like: carbonated drinks, confectioneries, snacks etc. We fail to value our health until sickness comes.

Young people wish to attain old age in good health. So, it is important for us to develop a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle; go to bed early, wake up early, take a cup of warm water, hit the roads and scatter that morning dew. It is important we feed well, get hydrated often, work out daily, get enough sleep and achieve those immeasurable successes.

At CSAAE, youths are trained to take over the leadership of Africa, fast-track development and hopefully, end poverty in Africa. As we all know, much of the hope for Africa’s greater future lies in us, the youths, and to be able to achieve that, Africa and CSAAE need us to be strong and healthy.

Inspired by the above, Emerging Nigerian Leaders (ENLs) for the Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics (CSAAE) have come up with some beautiful and innovative Community Development Projects (CDPs) that will make this dream come true. CDPs like Combating Malnutrition in Children (CMC), Innovative Snail Farming, Innovative Bee Keeping Technology (IBK-TECH), Healthy Mushroom Farming are just a few to mention.

Don’t forget, you are what you eat. Eat well and live well.

Written by Cynthia Chukwuma (ENL)

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