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Founder of CSAAE Welcomes Over 100 Youth Volunteers To The Centre.

Aug 10, 2018 | Founder’s Blog | 0 comments

Dear CSAAE Volunteers:

This is FrG. I am the founder and president of CSAAE, a fast-growing international ethics, excellence in leadership and entrepreneurship non-profit for and by African youths.

I am excited to welcome you all to CSAAE.

I created CSAAE because of my loss of trust and confidence in older Nigerians, leaders and followers alike. I am angry at our parents and grandparents for failing us. I would have burnt my Nigerian passport long ago if we had no youths because all hope would have been lost. The presence of youths in Nigeria is a sign of hope for a nearly “finished country.” I believe in Nigerian youths because they alone can make Nigeria a better place.

I am chronically optimistic that a better Nigeria is a great possibility only because we have great youths like you. I created CSAAE to guide youths and work with them to bring a better Nigeria. I have created effective programs and assembled a team of smart, ethical and passionate players to help us achieve this goal.

CSAAE Volunteer program is an opportunity for fellow Nigerians desirous of a better Nigeria to be part of the solution, not the problem. We have many programs and projects at CSAAE all geared towards facilitating development, ending poverty and making Nigeria a better place. In the days and weeks ahead, we shall figure out where your strength is and work with you to scale up impact in Nigeria while helping you develop the morals and skill-set necessary to achieve personal success.

CSAAE Volunteers have a lot to benefit. First, if they are real human beings, they will find joy in helping the community. This is the only thing that keeps me going. Each time, I get a phone call or message from a Nigerian on how CSAAE has touched his or her life, I sleep like a baby that night. The greatest benefit you will get as CSAAE Volunteer is inner joy and satisfaction. The kind that kept Martin Luther King Junior going for years. The kind that kept Mother Theresa going for years. These are my models and I wish I can surpass them in virtues, philanthropy, and commitment to the common good.

As an international non-profit recognized by many national and international organizations national and international personalities, volunteering at CSAAE will increase your chances of having something to do with these “elephants” in the field of success.

There are other immediate and remote benefits that I cannot detail in this short message which in fact is only meant to welcome you. Once again, you are welcome. We shall be reaching out to you for more details on how you can get deeply involved in the work we do in Nigeria.

I love you all and together we can make Africa a better place.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Godswill Agbagwa
Founder, CSAAE

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