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Facilitator Speaks at Baltimore Youth Convention

Aug 7, 2013 | From Our Founder | 0 comments


Facilitator, Rev. Fr. Godswill Agbagwa spoke On 27th July 2013, CSAAE on “Emerging Nigerian Leaders Conference” at the annual convention of Nigerian Igbo Youths hosted by the Nigerian Igbo Catholic Community in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
The event which took place at the Most Precious Blood Center was well attended by Igbo Youths, Young Adults, Professionals and Parents. Before these vibrant young men and women, Fr. Agbagwa expressed his concern at the deplorable condition of things back home. He regretted that even though Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world and has been blessed by God with ample human and natural resources, poverty and abuse of human dignity are everywhere in Nigeria due to failure of ethical leadership at all levels. He explained that leadership is not just about being the president or governor. Any professional is a leader in his or her own way.
“If you are a medical doctor, you are a leader in your clinic; if you are a teacher, you are a leader in your classroom” he said. If Nigerian teachers, medical doctors, engineers, lawyers have been practicing their professions the right away and leading their clients and staffs the ethical way, Nigeria would have been a place to be proud of by all Nigerians.
Fr. Agbagwa said that he has lost confidence and hope in our present leaders and therefore looking up to the youths, emerging Nigerian politicians, professionals and business executives to bring the desired change in Nigeria. He challenged the youths to rise up above corruption in Nigeria by beginning now to orient and align themselves towards ethical leadership, reminding them that east, west, north and south, home remains the best. He then presented the “Emerging Nigerian Leaders Conference” as a platform for Nigerian youths desirous of bringing change to Nigeria, our fatherland and final resting place.
Though it is called a conference, “Emerging Nigerian Leaders Conference is an ongoing ethical and creativity mentorship programme for emerging Nigerian professionals, business executives, politicians, etc. The next conference which takes place at Owerri, November 26 – November 30, 2013 is free for those who qualify. This includes transport, accommodation, feeding, conference materials, etc.

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