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Ever since the summit, I have been able to save up some money to start a business…

Jun 16, 2017 | CBlog | 0 comments


Participant, 2015 CSAAEINC Summit.

My name is Zainab Nwabuezeh, a 400-level student of Agricultural Economics at the University of Benin, Nigeria.
In January 20th 2015, UNIBEN Emerging Nigerian Leader rose from a meeting with a proposal to host the 2015 CSAAEINC International Youth Leadership, Career Building and Entrepreneurship Summit, aka, Campus Opportunity Fair (COF). The activities following that day till the date of the event was nothing if not challenging, but the prospects of a successful fair was enough to propel all four of us: Davidson, Valentine and Godstime.

Prior to the opportunity fair, I had never planned any program of sort in the University of Benin. So, it was a great platform to learn the ropes, get acquainted with the system and I tell you, it is one strict system. The prospects looked promising but then again, it is a Nigerian institution, there were so many unforeseen lapses, but we did it.
The gates of the great University of Benin were flung open on the 20th June 2015 for us. Students from various tertiary institutions in Nigeria converged to witness the 2nd Opportunity Fair hosted by the Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, Incorporated (CSAAEINC). The annual Opportunity Fair is a campus wide outreach which brings together professionals from across the globe to help youths develop the capacities, competencies and character needed to effect change in their communities.

The fair started with a welcome address by Rev. Fr. Dr. Godswill Agbagwa, Founder and President of CSAAEINC, the Ethics master. He went on to speak on the many ways to achieve sterling success. Doing the right thing may be difficult, but it is actually healthier.

Dr. Farouk Kurawa’s “How to save and grow decent money” has helped my business. Ever since the Summit, I have been able to cultivate the habit of wise spending which has helped me to save up some amount of money to start a business. Now, I just know that even as a student, I can afford whatever I want if I have a good financial plan, cut down on my excesses and save my extra money.

Mr. James Elekwachi (PIND) spoke on “Entrepreneurship and Business Opportunities. There is always one business idea that pops into mind when he speaks. Elekwachi makes every dream look so achievable if only you can just start, which is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur. Then adding value to ordinary things making it extra ordinary. His main focus is always on Agriculture which is the new crude oil.

Barrister Kissinger Ikeokwu was kind enough to open our eyes to our rights and civic duties. I walked out of the main auditorium without any iota of doubt that the next Policeman who unlawfully tries to harass me or anyone I know won’t know what hit him. A lot can happen if you know how much power you have to change things in your country. Nigeria can be redeemed if only each individual can be an instrument of change. At CSAAEINC, we are groomed to take on the reigns and be better than our political leaders and the ordinary man on the street.
My favorite was having the opportunity to synergize with students from different tertiary institutions, making friends and contacts that will not only propel me forward, but will be useful sometime in the future, after all we are the Emerging Nigerian Leaders.

I am better off today because of the numerous programs, capacity building exercises, assisted book reading, opportunity fairs, mid-year summits and one-on-one mentoring gained from this great organization. I look forward to the Jos Summit this year. The country’s economy is in chaos. I don’t know about you but I need survival tips and the CSAAEINC Opportunity Fair is just right.

Remember, you can make a difference. It is never a matter of how much you can or can’t do but a matter of your commitment to the common good. Be a better Nigerian. Follow link to register for the upcoming Jos Summit. www.csaaeinc.org/jos-summit-application. See you in Jos

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